Iveda and ProphetStor Collaborate for Cloud Video Surveillance

Optimized across public and private cloud deployments
This is a Press Release edited by on 2014.06.03

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ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. and Iveda Solutions announced an agreement to collaborate on a software-defined storage infrastructure for providing enterprise cloud video surveillance to its customers.

Iveda is implementing ProphetStor Federator SDS to orchestrate existing storage silos and commodity hardware into a storage system for the Sentir Intercloud platform. This allows the company to provide its customers with a video management platform optimized across public and private cloud deployments for device provisioning, video streaming, and cloud video analytics.

"We choose ProphetStor because its Federator SDS solution greatly simplifies storage infrastructure management through software-defined storage," said David Ly, chairman and CEO, Iveda. "Leveraging Federator SDS with our Sentir video management platform allows us to maximize our storage capabilities, minimize the infrastructure cost, and optimize cloud service operations across the board for our customers. With the partnership, we are ready to provide the first Big Video Data in the industry."

Both companies are partnering on the architecture design and technical specifications for a big video data cloud storage infrastructure to serve as the template for internal operations. Federator is providing automatic discovery and abstraction of physical storage resources into virtual pools classified by capabilities and performance, along with centralized management, automated storage provisioning, and dynamic monitoring and scheduling of resources to meet storage demands. The resulting template will serve as the basis to build infrastructure and provide services to consumers, mobile users, as well as companies and institutions in the residential, SMBs, enterprise and government market.

"Inefficient storage management is a real concern since it is the cost bottleneck in private and public clouds. ProphetStor is pleased to partner with Iveda to optimize their storage environment and to play a key partner role in their cloud video service offerings," said Eric Chen, ProphetStor CEO. "With a proficient, scalable, and future-proof storage infrastructure in place, Iveda can enable new and innovative services that meet the demands for volume, complexity, and responsiveness of the real-time, large scale video services marketplace."