ProphetStor Updates DR Tools to V3.0

For Windows, Windows snapshots and Oracle database on AIX
This is a Press Release edited by on 2014.05.30

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ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. announced the availability of DR Prophet 3.0, with enhanced data protection for Windows, Windows snapshots, and Oracle databases on AIX.


It has been integrated with the Federator SDS storage hypervisor, Flexvisor, bringing data protection and recovery to SDS for cloud computing, big data analytics, HPC, and OpenStack.

It offers intelligence to automate the configuration and centralized management for data protection on AIX and Windows application servers to minimize human intervention, based on pre-defined policies and system performance requirements. Version 3.0 supports Windows 2003 SP2 and above, Oracle v10 and v11, and AIX v5.3 and above.

"As virtual storage environments evolve to be defined by software, data protection for current and transitioning environments is the next great challenge for IT organizations," said Eric Chen, ProphetStor CEO. "ProphetStor is proactively addressing this virtual infrastructure puzzle by providing comprehensive data protection services as organizations move toward software-defined data centers. DR Prophet is data protection which considers space, performance, and QoS such as availability as well as reliability. It is flexible enough to meet the requirements from SMB users to cloud computing data centers."

It preserves production system data to backup storage, protecting the data against system failure. The software-defined data protection solution also provides centralized management of multiple application servers, storage servers, and management servers through a web console that reduces the administration complexity and the time required to manage data protection. Management can be conducted on the network using any web browser.

It works in conjunction with Federator SDS. The horizontal management provided by Federator SDS breaks the barriers created by the vertical silos from different vendors. Flexvisor is the storage hypervisor offering storage services based on performance service-level. With the integrated Flexvisor and leveraging replication, snapshots and other storage services, data protection and recovery has a direct path into SDS.


  • Automatic data protection through pre-defined policies and system performance requirements to protect data application servers with minimal human intervention

  • Application-aware data protection through agents running on application servers

  • Mirrored disks for fault tolerance and local protection so that backup functions are off loaded from production systems and onto the storage servers

  • High performance snapshots for data protection and recovery, with up to 1,000 per LUN

  • Non-disruptive DR rehearsal to be conducted at any time with minimal impact to daily operations

  • Dashboard and reports for problem analysis, performance tuning, and system maintenance for system administrators

  • Centralized management of multiple application, storage, and management servers through a GUI web console, reducing administrative complexity and the required time to manage