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LogMeOnce Password Management Tools Adding Dropbox Encryption Feature

AES-256 encryption with auto-cloud-backup

LogmeOnce, the password security and management system, announced the addition of Dropbox security to its 26-layer online protection tools.


It offers a software tool for password management, a hardware USB key with additional storage and Dropbox file encryption.

With LogmeOnce integration you can now encrypt, secure and protect your Dropbox, its folders, files and the entire content,” says LogmeOnce CEO Kevin Shahbazi, whose previous company was acquired by McAfee. “We appreciate that there is a highly interesting demand from the user community asking us to integrate LogmeOnce encryption with Dropbox for added security. Adding LogmeOnce’s secure USB is like adding your own padlock to your Dropbox storage unit. With all of the recent security breaches, LogmeOnce add much needed security layers while passing the control to the users themselves. Now you have the security key to your kingdom.

LogmeOnce enables you to create encrypted folders on your computer, USB and Dropbox. It also automatically and backups your USB files to your PC or Dropbox. When users transfer files using the client application, all files are encrypted with AES-256 encryption and passwords are protected. This doesn’t strip Dropbox of any of its advantages and there is no migration needed. You can pre-order your Dropbox security along LogmeOnce multipurpose USB from LogmeOnce campaign on Kickstarter.com.

Fresh off their experience at Trust Digital, which was acquired by McAfee in 2010, founders Kevin and Mike Shahbazi launched the service in April. It provides users with multiple options to save their credentials.