CoreLink Adding Suite of Backup Services

With offsite protection across Chicago, LV, Phoenix and Seattle data centers

This is a Press Release edited by on 2012.02.15
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National data center service provider, CoreLink Data Centers, LLC announced the availability of a collection of real-time backup services that provide offsite protection across multiple locations, replacing labor-intensive functions with technologies that save time and virtually eliminate physical storage requirements.

In addition to leveraging capabilities to protect valuable business information without the need for expensive and bulky tape backups, CoreLink's secure data backup services leverage encryption technology to deliver security and data integrity. The services also integrate real-time replication and fast data restore capabilities.

CoreLink's backup offerings build upon the relentless data center and managed security services that the company delivers from its Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Seattle data centers. Like each of its products and services, CoreLink's data backup offerings are backed with a 100 percent Uptime SLA that covers IT infrastructure elements including power, temperature and network availability.

"Our data backup services reflect our deep commitment to continually expand and enhance the breadth and depth of the support offerings we deliver to a growing client base," said Jason Weisberger, CoreLink's CTO. "Expert, 24/7 help and support are our company's hallmark, as is our pledge to provide IT infrastructure and support that not only meets, but consistently exceeds, customer expectations."

"At the end of the day, by delivering stellar managed services as well as thoroughly reliable enterprise hosting, clients are freed from having to perform non revenue-generating IT infrastructure support and, instead, they can focus on primary revenue generating functions," Weisberger said.

CoreLink's backup services also:

  • cut backup time by as much as 70 percent;
  • eliminate physical storage requirements up to 65 percent; and,
  • provide an environment for secure storage of available valuable information assets.