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mLogic: mTape and mRack Archiving Thunderbolt 2 Connectivity Solutions With LTO-7
Starting at $5,200
2015.11.26 | Press Release
Sony and Fujifilm First Media Makers of LTO-7
Will Maxell and TDK join them?
2015.11.25 | Press Release
LTO-7 Support for Sphere 3D’s NEO Tape Libraries and Autoloaders
Starts at $5,000 for tape library.
2015.11.12 | Press Release
Crossroads to Support LTO-7 for StrongBox NAS and VSeries LTFS Libraries
$32,200 for Vseries LTFS Libraries
2015.10.28 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Two Patents
Efficient moves via repository, optional encryption by partition for partitionable storage library
2015.10.28 | In Brief
IBM LTO-7 Cartridge
6TB native, 20-pack at $7,438
2015.10.26 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Fifteen Patents
Asynchronous asymmetry compensation for data read from storage medium, usage of state information from state-space based track-follow controller, protecting sensitive device from corrosion, tape volume access block having data set information stored therein, tape rewind overwrite data protection, tension transients suppression during acceleration and/or deceleration for tape drive, encrypted tape access control via challenge-response protocol, linear recording executing optimum writing upon receipt of series of commands including mixed read and write commands, filled-gap magnetic recording head and method of making, backing up storage volumes in storage system, magnetic head having canted arrays, writing multiple files simultaneously to tape media, tape medium with magnetically encoded servo band bursts, writing data to recording medium, tape drive with overlapped operations
2015.10.26 | In Brief
KIP Assigned Patent
Program product for host system LTFS auto-adaptation
2015.10.12 | In Brief
IBM First to Reveal LTO-7 Product
Half-height drive to be available in November 20
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2015.10.07 | News
Imation Exits Tape Business
It was historically worldwide leader in computer media.
2015.10.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Qualstar Reveals Q48 Compact LTO Tape Library
4U, 48 slots, one to four drives
2015.10.02 | Press Release
SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM Video Surveillance Management Software Certified
On HP StoreEver LTO libraries
2015.09.25 | Press Release
KIP CR P1 Assigned Patent
Computer program for optimization of tape performance
2015.09.24 | In Brief
Like Quantum, Spectra Logic Plans to Integrate LTO-7
Into tape libraries
2015.09.21 | Press Release
LTO Perseveres With Generation 7 Supposed to Be Available Later This Year
Native 6TB and 300MB/s
2015.09.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Quantum First to Officially Embrace LTO-7
For tape libraries
2015.09.16 | Press Release
Disk Might Die Before Tape – TechRepublic
[Contrary is obvious - Editor]
2015.09.15 | In Brief | [with our comments]
IBM TS7700 R3.3 Introduces Support for TS1150 Tape Drive
And for external key management of disk-based encryption
2015.09.02 | Press Release
Quantum Enhances Scalar i6000 Tape Library
Twice drive density, RESTful web services and improved energy efficiency
2015.08.04 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Fourteen Patents
On tapes
2015.08.03 | In Brief
FujiFilm Assigned Patent
Recording tape cartridge
2015.07.27 | In Brief
Kroll Ontrack Retrieving Data from Overwritten LTO-6 Tape Cartridges
In response to service provider
2015.07.21 | Press Release
Fujitsu Petabyte-Scale Eternus LT260 Tape Library
Scalable from 80 to 560 LTO slots and up to 6 tape drives
2015.07.15 | Press Release
BDT Media Automation Assigned Patent
Storage cartridge and cartridge drive
2015.07.13 | In Brief
Qualstar Q1: LTFS Single Drive Archive Appliance
For transfering and archiving data with LTO-6
2015.07.03 | Press Release
Iron Mountain lance un service de restauration de bandes archivées French
De l'identification du contenu à la restauration des données jusqu'à la gestion de toutes les bandes archivées
2015.06.23 | Press Release
Quantum Assigned Patent
Adaptive disturbance compensation with multi-rate synchronized sampling
2015.06.22 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Seven Patents
On tape only
2015.05.12 | In Brief
mLogic Debuts LTO-6 Drive With Thunderbolt and USB 3.0
2015.04.22 | Press Release
New Fiber Cables for IBM Tape Libraries and Drives
10m to 80m
2015.04.21 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Updating BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway
Allowing data to move into deep tape storage in more efficient way
2015.04.17 | Press Release
Prototype of Tape Cartridge at Record Uncompressed 220TB By Fujifilm and IBM
But when on the market?
2015.04.13 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Cloud Tape StrongBox 3.0 by Crossroads
NAS with combination of file and object storage to LTFS
2015.04.06 | Press Release
Restoration Assurance Program From Iron Mountain and Trusted Data Solutions
To retrieve information from all backup systems and tape formats
2015.03.24 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
Tape cleaner drive arrangement for library
2015.03.24 | In Brief
Price/GB Less Than One Penny on LTO-6 Tape Cartridge Media
According to LTO Program - but without drives and libraries
2015.03.18 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
Robotic storage library with queuing instructions
2015.03.04 | In Brief
X2500-USB: LTO-6 Archive System With USB 3.0 Interface by XenData
At $5,495
2015.02.24 | Press Release
IBM TS7650G With New Features for Remote Service and Support
For 24 systems as in tape libraries and virtual tape or 43 attached tape systems
2015.02.16 | Press Release
Bridgeworks 10/40GbE iSCSI to FC Gateway for Spectra Logic Tape Libraries
For larger connectivity
2015.01.16 | Press Release
FujiFilm Assigned Patent
Tape drive device
2015.01.08 | In Brief
Data Growth and Technology Innovations Fuel Tape’s Future
According to Tape Storage Council
2015.01.07 | Press Release
Oracle Assigned Patent
Multiple path load distribution for host communication with tape device
2015.01.05 | In Brief
Brother Assigned Patent
Recording medium
2015.01.02 | In Brief
Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape Vaults for Remote Data Protection
Starting at $25,000 for MVT Vault 110i with replication, replication monitoring and tape inventory audit
2014.12.12 | Press Release
Quantum Assigned Patent
Head rotator assembly for tape drive
2014.12.11 | In Brief
Spectra Logic Assigned Patent
System, mechanism, and method for physically manipulating media
2014.12.10 | In Brief
IBM TS7700 3.2 Supports Up to 496 Virtual Tape Drives
In single system
2014.12.08 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Four Patents
Longitudinal position information on magnetic tape media, fabricating graded media, high density timing based servo format, dynamically controlling tape velocity
2014.12.08 | In Brief
IBM TS3000 System Console
Can provide remote support for virtual tape storage product frames and attached tape systems.
2014.11.19 | Press Release