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IBM TS1140 and TS1150 Tape Device Rackmount Kit With Two Drives
Support RoHS compliance in 2U or 3U.
2016.05.20 | Press Release
IBM TS4500 Tape Library Supports TS7700 Attachment
For mainframe connectivity, HA, capacity on-demand
2016.05.19 | Press Release
IBM TS7700 R4.0 Virtualized Tape Storage Delivers Faster Performance and Larger Capacity
With TS7760
2016.05.18 | Press Release
Hitachi Maxell Assigned Patent
Tape magnetic recording medium
2016.05.18 | In Brief
IBM TS3500 Tape Library Supports New TS7700 Switch Options
16Gb FC switches for attachment for up to 100PB of z System storage
2016.05.17 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Twelve Patents
Controlling data writing of tape drive, detecting servo pattern using data channel in tape drive, protecting sensitive device from corrosion, tape head assembly for LTO, writing multiple files simultaneously to tape, tape dimension compensation, coarse actuator positioning algorithm, low friction tape head, miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays, abrasion test, tape drive buffer utilization, primary storage media with associated secondary storage media for efficient data management
2016.05.06 | In Brief
Spectra Logic TFinity ExaScale Edition Tape Library Up to 1EB
Compatible with LTO, IBM TS1150 and Oracle/StorageTek high-end tape technology
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Oracle Cloud Storage Options Enable DIVA Customers
To securely store, manage and retrieve rich media assets at $12,000/PB/year
2016.04.29 | Press Release
« Tape Still Used Quite a Bit for Backup. »
Said Fred Moore president, Horison Information Strategies
2016.03.30 | Press Release
actidata schnürt LTO-7 Starter-Paket German
7 LTO-Medien gratis beim Kauf eines Tape Automation Systems
2016.03.29 | Press Release
76,000PB LTO Compressed Capacity Shipped in 2015
Increase of 17.8% over prior year, but ...
2016.03.23 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Masstech Adds LTO-7 Support to MAM, Newsroom and Archiving Solutions
Compliant storage devices provides direct, native access to higher capacity and performance.
2016.03.03 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Fifteen Patents
On tapes
2016.03.01 | In Brief
Why We Still Use Magnetic Tapes in Business Today – Kroll Ontrack
Change from backup to archive medium
2016.02.16 | Press Release
KIP CR P1 Assigned Patent
Synchronizing data written to tape including writing index into data partition
2016.02.11 | In Brief
Fujitsu Optimizes Long-term Data Retention on LTO-7
On Eternus LT libraries up to 8.4PB
2016.02.09 | Press Release
Globalfoundries Assigned Patent
Operating tape storage device
2016.02.09 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Eleven Patents
Pass-through tape access in disk storage environment, reclamation of data on tape cartridge, recording method for storing first data and second data into tape medium, quasi-statically tilted head having offset reader/writer transducer pairs, tape device and writing method, optimized data placement for individual file accesses on de-dupe-enabled sequential storage systems, replication of cartridge data, magnetic head and system having offset arrays, dynamic tape library for data management, end-to end data protection supporting multiple CRC algorithms, load balancing and space efficient big data tape management
2016.02.08 | In Brief
XenData Reveams SXL-8 LTO-7 Network Attached Archive System
From $15,880
2016.01.28 | Press Release
Q80 19-Inch Rackmount LTO Tape Library by Qualstar
Maximum of 3.36PB native storage with LTO-7 and native throughput of 45.4TB/hr
2016.01.27 | Press Release
Group 47 Assigned Patent
Digital optical tape storage
2016.01.18 | In Brief
IBM Assigned Five Patents
Products with tape formats having one or more spare areas and apparatuses configured for use with such products, storing write environment conditions, data format using efficient reverse concatenated modulation code for magnetic tape recording, tape dimension compensation, magnetic tape recording in data format using efficient reverse concatenated modulation code
2016.01.15 | In Brief
JBI Assigned Patent
Reading magnetic tape with MR head
2016.01.04 | In Brief
Dell Assigned Patent
Diagnostic for tape system
2015.12.25 | In Brief
GlobalFoundries Assigned Three Patents
Reading method for LTO, locating data stored on magnetic medium
2015.12.18 | In Brief
IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition V1.2
With multi-library and LTO-7 drive
2015.12.16 | Press Release
FujiFilm Launches LTO-7 Cartridge
Using Barium-Ferrite magnetic particules and NanoCubic technology
2015.12.11 | Press Release
Lenovo Half-High SAS Tape Drive and Tape Autoloader With LTO-7
From IBM
2015.11.30 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Three Patents
Reading method for LTO, recording medium having independent track for velocity, timing and/or longitudinal position, high density timing based servo format
2015.11.30 | In Brief
mLogic: mTape and mRack Archiving Thunderbolt 2 Connectivity Solutions With LTO-7
Starting at $5,200
2015.11.26 | Press Release
Sony and Fujifilm First Media Makers of LTO-7
Will Maxell and TDK join them?
2015.11.25 | Press Release
LTO-7 Support for Sphere 3D’s NEO Tape Libraries and Autoloaders
Starts at $5,000 for tape library.
2015.11.12 | Press Release
Crossroads to Support LTO-7 for StrongBox NAS and VSeries LTFS Libraries
$32,200 for Vseries LTFS Libraries
2015.10.28 | Press Release
Spectra Logic Assigned Two Patents
Efficient moves via repository, optional encryption by partition for partitionable storage library
2015.10.28 | In Brief
IBM LTO-7 Cartridge
6TB native, 20-pack at $7,438
2015.10.26 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Fifteen Patents
Asynchronous asymmetry compensation for data read from storage medium, usage of state information from state-space based track-follow controller, protecting sensitive device from corrosion, tape volume access block having data set information stored therein, tape rewind overwrite data protection, tension transients suppression during acceleration and/or deceleration for tape drive, encrypted tape access control via challenge-response protocol, linear recording executing optimum writing upon receipt of series of commands including mixed read and write commands, filled-gap magnetic recording head and method of making, backing up storage volumes in storage system, magnetic head having canted arrays, writing multiple files simultaneously to tape media, tape medium with magnetically encoded servo band bursts, writing data to recording medium, tape drive with overlapped operations
2015.10.26 | In Brief
KIP Assigned Patent
Program product for host system LTFS auto-adaptation
2015.10.12 | In Brief
IBM First to Reveal LTO-7 Product
Half-height drive to be available in November 20
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2015.10.07 | News
Imation Exits Tape Business
It was historically worldwide leader in computer media.
2015.10.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Qualstar Reveals Q48 Compact LTO Tape Library
4U, 48 slots, one to four drives
2015.10.02 | Press Release
SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM Video Surveillance Management Software Certified
On HP StoreEver LTO libraries
2015.09.25 | Press Release
KIP CR P1 Assigned Patent
Computer program for optimization of tape performance
2015.09.24 | In Brief
Like Quantum, Spectra Logic Plans to Integrate LTO-7
Into tape libraries
2015.09.21 | Press Release
LTO Perseveres With Generation 7 Supposed to Be Available Later This Year
Native 6TB and 300MB/s
2015.09.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Quantum First to Officially Embrace LTO-7
For tape libraries
2015.09.16 | Press Release
Disk Might Die Before Tape – TechRepublic
[Contrary is obvious - Editor]
2015.09.15 | In Brief | [with our comments]
IBM TS7700 R3.3 Introduces Support for TS1150 Tape Drive
And for external key management of disk-based encryption
2015.09.02 | Press Release
Quantum Enhances Scalar i6000 Tape Library
Twice drive density, RESTful web services and improved energy efficiency
2015.08.04 | Press Release
IBM Assigned Fourteen Patents
On tapes
2015.08.03 | In Brief
FujiFilm Assigned Patent
Recording tape cartridge
2015.07.27 | In Brief