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Exclusive Interview With Nir Peleg, CTO, and Jacob Cherian, VP Product Strategy, Reduxio
Innovator in storage array architecture for today and future IT challenge
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.02.01 | News
Exclusive Interview With Kiran Bhageshpur, CEO, Igneous
Towards subscription-based on-prem cloud storage model
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.01.25 | News
Exclusive Interview With Tarun Thakur, CEO, Datos IO
Start-up in application-aware, cloud-scale data management software built for cloud
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.01.18 | News
New Californian Storage Company Discovered: Aparavi
Launched by people from NovaStor Software
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2017.01.17 | News
French Ugloo Raised €1.25 Million
Start-up with backup solution of distributed data
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2017.01.17 | News
Exclusive Interview With Bob Griswold, Chairman, Open vStorage
"We are a start-up in elastic block storage system policy driven, multi-datacenter, multi-cloud with built-in self healing and backup."
by Philippe Nicolas | 2017.01.12 | News
Company’s Profile: Acronis
$200 million in revenue in 2016, according to CEO
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2017.01.06 | News
Unknown Storage Firm Morrow Data in Stealth Mode
Into cloud storage gateway
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.12.27 | News
Start-Up Profile: Weka.IO
In software eliminating silos of NAS and SAN with commodity compute infrastructure and SSDs
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.12.26 | News
Start-Up Profile: Reduxio
Another one in all-flash systems with plenty of excellent software
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.12.12 | News
Start-Up Profile: Ctera Networks
With enterprise file services platform and cloud storage gateways
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.11.29 | News
Start-Up Profile: Infinidat
Moshe Yanai's company in high-end enterprise storage systems
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.11.16 | News | [with our comments]
New Cloud Storage Player: CloudLanes
Offering VTL in cloud
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.10.13 | News
Start-Up Profile: Igneous
Infrastructure-as-a-Service for data you can't or won't move to cloud
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.10.11 | News
Start-Up Profile: E8 Storage
In centralized NVMe enterprise all-flash solution
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.09.28 | News
Nutanix Stalled IPO Might Soon Be Back on
Last valued at $2 billion
2016.09.16 | In Brief
Start-Up Profile: HoneycombData
In scale-out all-flash and hybrid arrays up to 96TB
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.09.01 | News
Start-Up InterModal Data Closed
According to Philippe Nicolas
2016.08.30 | In Brief
SpinBackup New Entrant in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Protecting Google Apps and Microsoft 365
by Philippe Nicolas | 2016.08.29 | News
Dropbox in Talks With Advisers for Possible 2017 IPO
According to people familiar with the matter
2016.08.23 | In Brief
Storage Start-Up Fadu Out of Stealh Mode
With EC800F PCIe SSD, sequential R/W at 5GB/s, 3.2TB
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.08.16 | News
Agylstor, New Start-Up Discovered
Executive refused to give any details on company.
2016.08.15 | In Brief