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Purdue Research Foundation Assigned Patent
Electronic memory including ROM and RAM
2017.02.23 | In Brief
Altera Assigned Patent
Scaleable look-up table based memory
2017.02.22 | In Brief
National Chiao Tung University Assigned Patent
NAND type variable resistance random access
2017.02.22 | In Brief
Crocus Technology Assigned Patent
MRAM cell with dual junction for ternary content addressable memory applications
2017.02.21 | In Brief
Institute of Microelectronics/Chinese Academy of Sciences Assigned Patent
SRAM storage unit based on DICE structure
2017.02.20 | In Brief
Maxim Integrated Products Assigned Patent
Secure memories using unique identification elements
2017.02.15 | In Brief
Specs of Intel Optane SSD
375GB, sequential R/W up to 2,400/2,000MB/s
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2017.02.14 | News
We Apologize: USB Key at €6 With Only 20GB, not 2TB
Specialist Jim Handy explains the fraud.
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2017.02.10 | News
Cavium Assigned Patent
Enabling access to extensible remote storage over network as local storage via logical storage controller
2017.02.10 | In Brief
MegaChips Assigned Patent
Data storage control apparatus, compression circuit and method
2017.02.09 | In Brief
USB 3.0 Flash Key at 2TB at Only €6 ! CORRECTED
At this incredible price, we ordered ten of them.
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2017.02.08 | News
Radian Memory Systems Assigned Patent
Expositive flash memory control
2017.02.08 | In Brief
Memoright Assigned Patent
Programming mode for multi-layer storage flash memory array and switching control
2017.02.07 | In Brief
Nvidia Assigned Patent
SRAM core cell design with write assist
2017.02.06 | In Brief
Everspin Assigned Patent
Configuration and testing for magnetoresistive memory to ensure long term continuous operation
2017.02.01 | In Brief
Tsinghua Unigroup to Build $30 Billion Memory-Chip Factory
To make 3D-NAND and DRAM in Nanjing, China
2017.01.23 | In Brief
Fluke Assigned Patent
Storage modes for measurement values and contextual information
2017.01.20 | In Brief
Kingston Digital Assigned Patent
Logical-to-physical address translation for removable storage device
2017.01.17 | In Brief
Hoey Assigned Patent
Flash drive with attached cover
2017.01.16 | In Brief
Via Technologies Assigned Patent
Storage device and data checking and correction for volatile memory
2017.01.13 | In Brief
Lite-On Assigned Patent
SSD device and reading control
2017.01.12 | In Brief