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Everspin Assigned Patent
Magnetic memory having ROM-like storage
2017.03.24 | In Brief
Crossbar Assigned Patent
Non-volatile memory with overwrite capability and low write amplification
2017.03.17 | In Brief
Yangtze River Storage 3D NAND Flash Development on Track
Fab installed in 1Q18
2017.03.16 | In Brief
GlobalFoundries Assigned Patent
Self-adjusting phase change memory storage module
2017.03.16 | In Brief
Pavilion Data Systems Assigned Patent
Non-volatile memory express over ethernet
2017.03.15 | In Brief
NaMLab Assigned Patent
Charge storage ferroelectric memory hybrid and erase scheme
2017.03.14 | In Brief
Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation Assigned Patent
Integrated data management for nonvolatile buffer cache and storage
2017.03.10 | In Brief
NVMDurance Assigned Patent
Adaptive flash tuning
2017.03.09 | In Brief
Everspin Technologies Assigned Patent
Tamper detection and response in memory device
2017.03.07 | In Brief
Tidal Systems/Micron Assigned Patent
Improved data maintenance in flash drive
2017.03.01 | In Brief
Purdue Research Foundation Assigned Patent
Electronic memory including ROM and RAM
2017.02.23 | In Brief
Altera Assigned Patent
Scaleable look-up table based memory
2017.02.22 | In Brief
National Chiao Tung University Assigned Patent
NAND type variable resistance random access
2017.02.22 | In Brief
Crocus Technology Assigned Patent
MRAM cell with dual junction for ternary content addressable memory applications
2017.02.21 | In Brief
Institute of Microelectronics/Chinese Academy of Sciences Assigned Patent
SRAM storage unit based on DICE structure
2017.02.20 | In Brief