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Altera/Intel Assigned Patent
Storing error correction information on memory controller circuit
2017.07.06 | In Brief
Radian Memory Systems Assigned Patent
Cooperative flash memory control
2017.06.20 | In Brief
Piecemakers Technology Assigned Patent
Multi-bank memory
2017.06.19 | In Brief
Review of State-of-the-Art in SSDs – EE Times
And proposition of methodology for verification and validation of SSD controller
2017.06.14 | In Brief
Avalanche Technology Assigned Patent
Management of memory array with magnetic random access memory
2017.06.14 | In Brief
Flash Industry Trends Could Lead Users Back to Spinning Disks – Tom’s Hardware
Revolt will come with Optane paired with HDDs.
2017.06.13 | In Brief
Khalifa University Assigned Patent
Designing hybrid memory cell with Memristor and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
2017.06.13 | In Brief
Skyera/WDC/HGST Assigned Patent
Accessing non-volatile memory blade using multiple controllers in non-volatile memory based storage device
2017.06.08 | In Brief
Xyratex/Seagate Assigned Patent
Solid state memory unit cooling apparatus
2017.06.05 | In Brief
Zeno Semiconductor Assigned Patent
Semiconductor memory having volatile and multi-bit non-volatile functionality
2017.05.31 | In Brief
IPGoal Microelectronics Assigned Patent
Start-up method for USB flash disk with synchronous flash memory and control
2017.05.26 | In Brief
SSDs Vulnerable to Attacks That Corrupt User – BleepingComputer
Program interference and read disturb
2017.05.24 | In Brief