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SSDs Vulnerable to Attacks That Corrupt User – BleepingComputer
Program interference and read disturb
2017.05.24 | In Brief
Security Flaw Found in SSD
HDDs do have strengths after all
2017.05.24 | In Brief
Denso Assigned Patent
Storage control device
2017.05.24 | In Brief
Invensas Assigned Patent
Flexible I/O partition of multi-die memory solution
2017.05.23 | In Brief
NVMDurance Assigned Patent
Waypoint generation for adaptive flash tuning
2017.05.15 | In Brief
Longitude Enterprise Flash Assigned Patent
Identifying storage resources not in use
2017.05.12 | In Brief
Enterprise Read Intensive SATA SSDs’ Comparison –
Top spot for Micron 5100 ECO in front of Samsung PM863a and Toshiba HK4R
2017.05.10 | In Brief
NVMDurance Assigned Two Patents
Candidate generation for adaptive flash tuning, offline characterization for adaptive flash tuning
2017.05.08 | In Brief
Regents of University of Michigan Assigned Patent
SRAM cell having improved write margin for use in ultra-low power application
2017.05.08 | In Brief
Institute of Microelectronics/Chinese Academy of Sciences Assigned Patent
Vertical channel-type 3D semiconductor memory
2017.05.01 | In Brief
Crocus Assigned Patent
Self-referenced MRAM cell that can be read with reduced power consumption
2017.04.25 | In Brief
Silicon Motion Assigned Fourteen Patents
Managing and accessing flash memory module, storage device, memory controller, and memory system for reading data stored in flash memory, storage device and method for flash block management, flash memory controller, storage apparatus for scrambled data and management, controller for managing memory device, data read method for flash memory, storage device and flash memory control, storage device and data fetching method for flash memory, flash device, storage device and power-interruption detection, storage device and flash memory control, writing data into flash memory and related control apparatus
2017.04.19 | In Brief
STMicroelectronics Assigned Two Patents
Negative voltage management module for address decoder circuit of non-volatile memory device, dual non-volatile memory cell comprising erase transistor
2017.04.18 | In Brief
What Aerospike Learned From Testing Intel Optane
Super fast, cool and expensive
2017.04.13 | In Brief
Micron Assigned Seven Patents
Memory cell architecture for multilevel cell programming, 3D memory array architecture, data streaming for solid-state bulk storage devices, persistent content in nonvolatile memory, assigning addresses to memory devices, smart storage device, memory cells
2017.04.13 | In Brief
Synopsys Assigned Three Patents
Storage element and signal processing method, floating gate non-volatile memory bit cell, NVM device using FN tunneling with parallel powered source and drain
2017.04.11 | In Brief
Virident/HGST/WD Assigned Patent
Managing write performance of asymmetric memory system
2017.04.04 | In Brief