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Samsung Invests $23 Million in Netlist
To deliver fast NVDIMM-P non-volatile memory
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Fujitsu Develops Optimized Software-Controlled SSD for Big Data Processing
Application to in-memory databases, enabling "three-fold" increase in processing performance
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Systronics erweitert ihr Angebot an industriellen MLC Flash-Speichern German
Mit Cactus 220 Series
2015.11.24 | Press Release
Huawei Revealing PCIe SSD for HPC
600GB to 3.2TB, up to 3.2GB/s and 800,000 IO/s
2015.11.23 | Press Release
Virtium SSD With PATA (!) Interface
For industrial applications using legacy connectors
2015.11.23 | Press Release
Seiko Epson Assigned Patent
Nonvolatile storage device, IC device and electronic apparatus
2015.11.23 | In Brief
Kazan Networks Adds RDMA Over Converged Ethernet Support to NVMe Over Fabrics Solution
Enables disaggregation of compute and storage without sacrificing performance.
2015.11.19 | Press Release
SP xDrive Z30 Lightning Dual USB Flash Drive by SP/Silicon Power
32, 64 and 128GB with Lightning and USB 3.0 connector
2015.11.17 | Press Release
F-60/F-600 CFast 2.0 Flash Card From Swissbit
8GB to 240GB for F-60 series
2015.11.17 | Press Release
OCZ Z-Drive 4500 SSD Achieves VMware Ready Status
Now listed on VMware Solution Exchange
2015.11.16 | Press Release
Mitsubishi Electric Assigned Patent
Memory controller
2015.11.16 | In Brief
R&D: Spin–Orbit Torque Magnetization Switching Controlled by Geometry
For future magnetic storage technology such as MRAM
2015.11.13 | Press Release
R&D: Solution to Faster Computing?
Surface acoustic waves applied to storage system.
2015.11.13 | Press Release
Charge-Trap Non-Volatile Memories Fabricated by Laser-Enabled Low-Thermal Budget Processe
Including laser-crystallization of poly-Si thin film, chemical vapor deposition deposition of stacked memory layer, and far-infrared-laser dopant activation.
2015.11.12 | Press Release
Nanographene Charge Trapping Memory Could Further Miniaturize Flash
According to researchers at Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing
2015.11.11 | Press Release
Crucial BX200 2.5-Inch SSDs With Silicon Motion Controller and Micron 16nm TLC NAND
240GB, 480GB and 960GB at $85, $150 and $300, respectively
2015.11.09 | Press Release
Conduant Delivers High R/W Data Rates With M.2-Based Storage Modules for PCIe Systems
Starting at $3,700 with 512GB, up to 4TB
2015.11.06 | Press Release
AgigA Tech Assigned Patent
Variable partitioning in hybrid memory subsystem
2015.11.06 | In Brief
NovaChips Assigned Patent
Flash memory module and memory subsystem
2015.11.05 | In Brief
By Addonics, Family of Industrial or Enterprise Grade SSDs
$325 for 32GB mSATA flash SSD and $54 for 32G enterprise mSATA SSD
2015.11.04 | Press Release
euric bietet 2,5-Zoll Military Grade SATA III SSDs bis 4TB German
Aus Foremay
2015.11.04 | Press Release
Transcend 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA SSD With SLC at 64GB and 128GB
For industrial and embedded applications
2015.11.03 | Press Release
Radical Proposal: Replace HDDs With DRAM
DRAM is expensive and volatile. It's also the future of cloud storage.
2015.11.02 | In Brief
Cypress Semiconductor Assigned Patent
Fabricating memory cells having split charge storage nodes
2015.11.02 | In Brief
Toshiba NAND Flash Memory Products for Embedded Applications
Compatible with Serial Peripheral Interface
2015.10.30 | Press Release
Origin Storage senkt Preise für DataLocker-SSD-Festplatten German
128GB SSD bereits ab ca. 339€ zzgl. MwSt.
2015.10.30 | Press Release
Toshiba and SanDisk Announce Start of Equipment Installation
At Yokkaichi's new Fab 2
2015.10.28 | Press Release
Graphene Key to High-Density, Energy-Efficient Memory Chips, Stanford Engineers Say
R&D: three Stanford University projects to create data storage technologies that use nanomaterials other than standard silicon.
2015.10.28 | Press Release
Swissbit SD S-45 and Micro SD S-45u Cards Optimized Performance Balance for Cost Sensitive Applications
From 4GB to 64GB for S-45, and 4GB to 16GB for S-45u
2015.10.27 | Press Release
Unitest Assigned Patent
Error generating apparatus for SSD tester
2015.10.27 | In Brief
SK Hynix Returns to Consumer SSDs
Three years after disappearing in market
2015.10.26 | In Brief
Spectromicroscopic Insights for Rational Design of Redox-Based Memristive Devices
Novel concept for future non-volatile memory devices
2015.10.26 | In Brief
MCE Ships 1TB Flash Drive Upgrade for 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro With Retina
$479 for 1TB internal upgrade kit
2015.10.23 | Press Release
Diablo Technologies Presents Memory1 All-flash DDR4 Server System Memory Module
For environment that requires large memory footprints for workloads
2015.10.23 | Press Release
Lexar: 128GB 2000x SDXC UHS-II Card …
2015.10.23 | Press Release
… And JumpDrive M20c Key Featuring USB Type-C Connector
From $21 (16GB) to $42 (64GB)
2015.10.23 | Press Release
TDK Assigned Patent
Flash memory controller and system
2015.10.23 | In Brief
OCZ Host Managed SSD Technology in Saber 1000 Models
Platform enables system level management SSD background operations for performance and consistency.
2015.10.22 | Press Release
Lexar: Professional 3600x and 3500x CFast 2.0 Cards for 4K Video
$507 (128GB) and $945 (256GB) for 3600x, and from $165 (32GB) to $945 (256GB) for 3500x
2015.10.22 | Press Release
Lexar Adds Professional 2933x/1400x XQD 2.0 Card to Capture High-Resolution Video and Images
From $180 (32GB) to $617 (128GB) for 2933x
2015.10.22 | Press Release
Smart Storage/SanDisk Assigned Patent
Storage system with dynamic read threshold mechanism and method of operation thereof
2015.10.22 | In Brief
JMR Lightning LTNG-XTD Portable Thunderbolt SSD Based on Intel Internal Unit
256GB ($649), 512GB and 1.02TB in future
2015.10.21 | Press Release
Iris-Drive SSD Up to 2TB for 4K Video-Shooting Professionals From Fixstars Solutions
Recommended for Atomos' Hogun and Ninja Assassin series
2015.10.21 | Press Release
EK Releasing SSD Water Block (€90)
EK-FC I750 for Intel SSD 750 series
2015.10.20 | Press Release
Zotac Ramps Up Premium Edition SSDs

2015.10.19 | Press Release
Smart High Reliability Solutions Assigned Patent
Enhanced interface to firmware operating in SSD
2015.10.19 | In Brief
Cypress With New SLC NAND Flash Memory Family
Reducing system costs and improving security
2015.10.15 | Press Release
Lite-On Into Next Gen EP2 SSD with NVMe Protocol
Up to 2TB, 2,200/1,300MB/s sequantial R/W
2015.10.13 | Press Release
SanDisk Portfolio of Industrial Grade Flash Storage Solutions
For industrial internet of things market, up to 64GB
2015.10.13 | Press Release
32GB TransMemory U401 and TransferJet Wireless Adapters From Toshiba
$37 for first one, from $60 to $90 for for second one
2015.10.13 | Press Release