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Infortrend SSD Cache for EonStor DS 1000/DS 3000 Series
Improving performance by up to 16X, response time lowered by 88%
2014.11.27 | Press Release
Saber 1000, Enterprise SATA 2.5-Inch SSDs Up to 960GB by OCZ
With Barefoot 3 controller and 19nm MLC NAND from Toshiba
2014.11.26 | Press Release
Molecules Proposed to Replace Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Flash Memory
By international team of researchers
2014.11.26 | In Brief
Foremay: 2.5-Inch 8TB 6Gb SATA SSDs
R/W speeds up to 500MB/s, up to 100,000 IO/s
2014.11.25 | Press Release
TDK SMG4A Series of Industrial mSATA Type Modules
30x50mm, up to 128GB, supporting latest MLC and SLC
2014.11.24 | Press Release
IBM 200GB to 1.6TB Enterprise MLC SSDs for System x
With 12Gb SAS interface, 2.5-inch form factor, from HGST
2014.11.24 | Press Release
Kroll Ontrack Helps SanDisk Cilent SSDs To Recover Data
When data loss occurs
2014.11.21 | Press Release
Mach Xtreme Technology Secures OTGuard USB 3.0 Flash Keys
With USB 3.0 and micro-USB 2.0 connectors, 16GB to 64GB
2014.11.21 | Press Release
Kingston Class 10 UHS-I microSD and SDHC/SDXC Cards
Up 256GB, 90MB/s read and 45MB/s write
2014.11.21 | Press Release
DriveSavers Delivers Data Recovery Capabilities for SanDisk SSDs
New tools reduce data recovery processes and costs for consumers.
2014.11.21 | Press Release
Micron Flash Memories for Automotive Storage
SSD from 60GB to 240GB, eMMC from 4GB to 128GB
2014.11.20 | Press Release
Smart Modular: M.2 6Gb SATA SSDs With SafeDATA Technology
From 32GB to 512GB
2014.11.19 | Press Release
Patriot: USB 3.0 Supersonic Bolt XT
With hardware-based 256-bit AES security, 16GB ($50) to 64GB
2014.11.19 | Press Release
OCZ/Toshiba Assigned Patent
Programming method and device for buffer cache in SSD system
2014.11.19 | In Brief
NVM Express 1.2 Specs
For enterprise and client PCIe SSDs
2014.11.18 | Press Release
Cactus bietet SLC SSD-Speicher für In-Vehicle-Computing German
ISO/TS16949 zertifiziert
2014.11.18 | Press Release
Chinese Sage Microelectronics Out of Stealth Mode
Revealing 5TB SSD controller IC
2014.11.17 | Press Release
SanDisk iXpand USB Flash Key for iPhone and iPad
$120 for 64GB, $80 for 32GB, $60 for 16GB
2014.11.17 | Press Release
Smart Decisions International Debuts USB 16GB Flash Key ($28)
Mechanical combination lock protects data.
2014.11.14 | Press Release
Silicon Motion: Automotive IVI-Grade Single-Package SSD Solutions
Supporting AEC-Q100, -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range, PATA or SATA up to 64GB
2014.11.14 | Press Release
OWC 960GB Aura SSD at $549
Upgrade for MacBook Air 2010, 2011 and 2012 models
2014.11.11 | Press Release
ULLtra-DIMM-SSD-Technologie demnächst bei Happyware verfügbar German
Für schnellstmöglichen Datendurchsatz
2014.11.10 | Press Release
GoDrive Mobile USB MicroSD Card Reader Project by Pilot Electronics
Reading up to 128GB microSD cards and available for pre-order in Kickstarter
2014.11.07 | Press Release
Micron Assigned Two Patents
Flash storage partial page caching, multi-level charge storage transistors
2014.11.05 | In Brief
Chinese Start-Up Memblaze With PCIe SSD at 4.8TB
14μs latency, 3.2GB/s sequential read, 2.5GB/s sequential write
2014.11.04 | Press Release
ATP To Present aMLC with PowerProtectorPlus Technology
For automotive and industrial applications
2014.11.03 | Press Release
Super Talent: Pico Motile USB Key
16GB, 32GB and 64GB.
2014.10.29 | Press Release
VisionTek USB 3.0 Keys With Seagate/SandForce Controller
Up to 455MB/s read and up 440MB/s write, 240GB at $175
2014.10.29 | Press Release
Synopsys On-Chip Memory Test and Repair Solution for Embedded Flash
Reduces test cost and enables in-field diagnostics for Internet of Things and automotive SoCs.
2014.10.29 | Press Release
Freescale Assigned Patent
Programming multi-state non-volatile memory
2014.10.29 | In Brief
Rugged HRS-S3 6Gb SATA SLC SD From Smart High Reliability Solutions
2.5-inch, 120GB to 960GB, sequential R/W of 400MB/s/300MB/s
2014.10.28 | Press Release
G.Skill: Phoenix Blade Series PCIe MLC SSD
480GB, R/W up to 2GB/s, 245,000 IO/s, Seagate/SandForce controller
2014.10.28 | Press Release
Document: Flash Memory and SSD Prices From 2003 to 2014
By John C. McCallum
2014.10.27 | In Brief
Evolution Of Storage: From HDDs To Resistive RAMs
By analyst Chris Burniske
2014.10.27 | Press Release
Adata Updates Firmware for SSDs With Seagate/SandForce Controllers
Improves stability and reliability after unsafe power cycling.
2014.10.27 | Press Release
SanDisk Assigned Patent
3D non-volatile storage with multi-block row selection
2014.10.27 | In Brief
SST (Microchip) Assigned Patent
Passive elements, articles, packages, semiconductor composites
2014.10.23 | In Brief
sTec (WD/HGST) Assigned Patent
Prioritized erasure of data blocks in flash storage device
2014.10.20 | In Brief
Micron Assigned Five Patents
Flash translation layer, memory arrays, non-volatile memory with resistive access component, SSD controller, local self-boost using plurality of cut-off cells
2014.10.17 | In Brief
IBM System Storage DCS3700 With 400GB and 800GB 2.5-inch 6Gb SAS MLC SSDs
From Intel
2014.10.16 | Press Release
Samsung Starts Mass Production of 3-Bit 3D MLC V-NAND Flash Memory
128Gb per chip for SSDs
2014.10.15 | Press Release
New Addition to Mushkin Chronos Family of 2.5-Inch SSDs
60GB to 480GB, with Seagate/SandForce controller
2014.10.14 | Press Release
Adata MLC 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA SSD Up to 480GB
With Seagate/Sandforce SF2581 controller, sequential R/W up to 550/550MB/s
2014.10.13 | Press Release
IBM S3500 1.6TB SATA 2.5-Inch and 3.5-Inch MLC Enterprise SSDs for System x
Apparently from Intel
2014.10.13 | Press Release
Western Digital Assigned Patent
Modifying storage device to disable access to secure data and repurpose storage device
2014.10.13 | In Brief
SanDisk Tech Assisted Refresh Program for Corporate Environments
Client SSD upgrade service to make employee laptop renovations friction-free
2014.10.10 | Press Release
USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive Mobile X31 by SP/Silicon
8GB to 32GB
2014.10.10 | Press Release
By SP/Silicon Power, 960GB 7mm 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA SSD
Slim S80 for ultrabooks
2014.10.09 | Press Release
SanDisk X300 SSD With X3 Three Bit-Per-Cell Technology
Up to 1TB in 2.5-inch form factor
2014.10.07 | Press Release
ATP Offers Industrial Grade SLC mSATA mini From 4GB to 32GB
For ruggedized handhelds and embedded applications
2014.10.07 | Press Release