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Imation Assigned Patent
Recovering from unexpected flash drive removal
2015.08.28 | In Brief
Ricoh Assigned Patent
Preventing information storage device from falling from removable device
2015.08.27 | In Brief
MLC800 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA SSD by Origin Storage
Up to 1TB and 2,096TB total bytes written
2015.08.25 | Press Release
Brinell External Drives With Samsung SSDs and USB 3.0
€199 for 250GB and €619 for 1TB
2015.08.25 | Press Release
SanDisk SSD Concierge Service Provides Support During Upgrade Process
2015.08.25 | Press Release
Special Report on Flash Memory Summit 2015
From our correspondent in Santa Clara, CA
by François Alexandre Colombani | 2015.08.24 | News
Optane Drives Future Intel
3D XPoint 1,000x faster, 1,000x endurance and 10x denser than NAND flash
2015.08.24 | In Brief
Samsung Begins Mass Producing of 256Gb 3D V-NAND Flash Memory
Based on 48 layers of 3-bit MLC arrays for use in SSDs
2015.08.21 | Press Release
Rugged Pocket-Size Fusion PCIe SSD SSD From Sonnet
$499 for 256GB, $799 for 512GB
2015.08.21 | Press Release
SP Silicon Power Releases Mobile C80 Dual USB Drive With Type-C/A Interface
For smartphones, tablets or computer, up to64GB
2015.08.21 | Press Release
T-Data Systems Assigned Patent
Memory card and method for initiation of storage and wireless transceiving of data
2015.08.21 | In Brief
Storage Intelligence Improving Performance and Endurance of SSDs
Announced by SCSI Trade Association
2015.08.20 | Press Release
By JMicron, DRAM-Less 6Gb SATA SSD Controller
Sequential read data throughput at 500MB/s
2015.08.19 | Press Release
PMC-Sierra and Mellanox Demontrates NVMe Over RDMA and Peer-to-Peer
Between RDMA and PCIe devices
2015.08.18 | Press Release
Phison: PCIe Gen3x4 SSD Controller With NVMe Spec
To support for 4TB capacity, speeds over 2,600MB/s sequential read and 1,300 MB/s sequential write
2015.08.18 | Press Release
Everspin and Aupera Reveal 32MB All-MRAM Storage Module in M.2 Form Factor
Enabling higher performing flash array systems
2015.08.18 | Press Release
Xilinx Announces Low-Density Parity-Check Error Correction IP Fundamental
Enabling next-gen flash-based applications for cloud and data center storage market
2015.08.18 | Press Release
Microsemi mSATA SLC Secure SSD for Embedded Applications
50mmx30mm, 64GB, and 128GB on roadmap
2015.08.18 | Press Release
Novachips 4TB and 8TB SATA/NVMe 2.5-Inch SSD
In 7mm and 15mm height, respectively, up to 16TB in Full-Height-Half-Length (FHHL) add-in-card type form-factor
2015.08.17 | Press Release
Samsung Rolls Out Line of 3-Bit MLC V-NAND SSDs for OEMs
Up to 6.4TB, one of them enabling to save 5GB video in three seconds
2015.08.17 | Press Release
SanDisk CloudSpeed Ultra Gen. II SATA SSD
Up to 1.6TB, little over $0.04 per IO/s
2015.08.17 | Press Release
Three Toshiba NVMe PCIe MLC SSD Families, for Notebooks, Tablets, PCs and Servers
1,024GB in M.2 type 2280 form factor
2015.08.17 | Press Release
Seagate Nytro Flash Line
XF1440 2.5", XM1440 M.2 NVMe SSDs and XP6500 accelerator card
2015.08.17 | Press Release
HGST Research Showcased Persistent Memory Fabric With Mellanox
Low power DRAM alternative with greater scalability for in-memory compute applications
2015.08.17 | Press Release
BiTMICRO: MAXio Z-Series of PCIe Family of SSDs
Up to 8.8TB, starting at $2/GB
2015.08.17 | Press Release
Altera Demonstrated NAND Flash, FPGA Accelerators and Storage and Memory Virtualization
NAND flash reference design extends the life of flash memory up to 7x.
2015.08.17 | Press Release
Toshiba Develops 16-Die Stacked NAND Flash Memory With TSV Technology
Achieves I/O data rate of 1Gb/s
2015.08.14 | Press Release
1Mb nvSRAM From Cypress With Quad Serial Peripheral Interface
For high-throughput, highly reliable data capture on power loss
2015.08.14 | Press Release
PS4 Luxco Assigned Patent
Semiconductor memory device
2015.08.13 | In Brief
From Swissbit, S-450/S-450u SD and Micro SD Memory Cards
4GB to 32GB on SLC, for industrial, networking and communications applications
2015.08.12 | Press Release
Rangduru Assigned Patent
Programmable non-volatile memory
2015.08.12 | In Brief
Diablo Reveals Memory1 SSD
Up to 4TB to replace DRAM at lower cost in servers
2015.08.11 | Press Release
Xilinx Announces Low-Density Parity-Check Error Correction IP Fundamental
For flash-based applications
2015.08.11 | Press Release
Lite-On Assigned Patent
2015.08.11 | In Brief
Higgs Opl.Capital Assigned Patent
Phase-change memory
2015.08.11 | In Brief
Toshiba Enterprise SAS SSDs at 3.84TB
Random read of 270,000 IO/s with 12Gb SAS interface
2015.08.10 | Press Release
Lite-On Debuts NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD
35μs latency, random read and write up to 250,000 and 25,000 IO/s respectively
2015.08.10 | Press Release
Diablo Memory1 Adopted by American Megatrends
In Aptio V UEFI BIOS firmware
2015.08.10 | Press Release
Low-field Switching Four-State Nonvolatile Memory
Based on multiferroic tunnelling junction
2015.08.10 | In Brief
Novel Selector Enables High Density Non-Volatile Memory Chips
From Data Storage Institute A*STAR
2015.08.06 | Press Release
Intel and Micron Produce 3D XPoint Non-Volatile Memory …
Initially at 128Gb per die, 1,000 times faster greater endurance than NAND
2015.08.05 | Press Release | [with our comments]
… Toshiba Develops First 256Gb, 48-Layer BiCS FLASH …
3D stacked cell structure flash memory
2015.08.05 | Press Release
.. As well as SanDisk
Operations begin for 3D NAND pilot line in Yokkaichi, Japan with partner Toshiba.
2015.08.05 | Press Release
New Virtium StorFly PCIe M.2 and Mini Card SSDs Draw Less Than 4W
16GB to 480GB
2015.08.04 | Press Release
Mushkin M.2 Atlas Vital Family of 6Gb SATA SSDs
120GB to 500GB, SandForce SF-2000 controller
2015.08.03 | Press Release
Netronome Systems Assigned Patent
Entropy storage ring having stages with feedback inputs
2015.08.03 | In Brief
2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA M6V series SSDs by Plextor Using PlexTurbo Cache Technology
With Toshiba 15nm Toggle NAND flash, from €69 (128GB) to €245 (512GB)
2015.07.27 | Press Release
Flash Storage Firmware Update for 2015 Apple MacBook Pro
To avoid data corruption
2015.07.24 | In Brief
CNRS and Montpellier University 2 Assigned Patent
Memory cell with volatile and non-volatile storage
2015.07.24 | In Brief
SanDisk Shipped Two Billion microSD Cards
In ten years
2015.07.23 | Press Release