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HGST Delivers VMware Virtual SAN Support for Enterprise and Cloud Data Center
VMware-certified 12Gb SAS SSDs, PCIe flash accelerators and helium-filled HDDs
2015.05.22 | Press Release
Toshiba: Exceria Pro SD and MicroSD Memory Cards
Up to 128GB at $700
2015.05.22 | Press Release
Toshiba Unveils TransMemory Retractable and Mini USB Flash Keys
$100 for 64GB U362, $37 for 32GB U201
2015.05.21 | Press Release
NXGN Data Assigned Patent
Performing efficient processing of data stored in storage node
2015.05.21 | In Brief
SanDisk Suggesting One Third of SD Cards for Sale on Internet Are Fake
Counterfeit Report cited by Cardwave
2015.05.20 | Press Release
Deux séries de SSDs grand public dévoilées par PNY French
960GB à partir de 430$
2015.05.20 | Press Release
CEA Assigned Patent
Multilevel memory device
2015.05.19 | In Brief
Visual Storage Intelligence Revealing Flash Analyzer
Enhancement to IBM Quick Assessment program
2015.05.15 | Press Release
ATP Showcases Ruggedized IoT NAND Flash Storage Solutions
For industrial applications
2015.05.15 | Press Release
Samsung Delivers Faster PRO Plus and EVO Plus Memory Cards
32GB to 128GB
2015.05.15 | Press Release
SST/Microchip and Globalfoundries Qualify Automotive Grade 55nm Embedded Flash Memory Technology
Process performed according to JEDEC standards
2015.05.15 | Press Release
Fixstars 6Gb SATA 2.5-Inch SSD With Massive 6TB Capacity
Using 15nm MLC and proprietary controller
2015.05.13 | Press Release | [with our comments]
SSD Without Power Can Start to Lose Data
In as little as a single week
2015.05.13 | In Brief
Ultimate SSD Showdown
14 consumer-grade drives compared 
2015.05.13 | In Brief
JEDEC SSD Specifications Explained
What do these standards include?
2015.05.13 | In Brief
TDK SDS1B Series of 6Gb SATA SSDs for Industrial Applications
Incorporates new GBDriver GS1 controller developed by company.
2015.05.12 | Press Release
Mushkin Expands SSD Reactor Series
In 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities, with Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller
2015.05.12 | Press Release
Who’s Winning the SSD Race? Ask the Patents
SanDisk top assignee in USA with 412 patents
2015.05.12 | In Brief
Intermolecular, Toshiba and SanDisk Assigned Three Patents
Nonvolatile memory device, multi-level memory array
2015.05.12 | In Brief
Transcend Debuts MLC e.MMC Memory for Upgraded Performance
8GB to 32GB
2015.05.08 | Press Release
When SSD Performance Goes Awry
Samsung 840 and SSD 840 EVO drives no longer performing as they used to
2015.05.08 | In Brief
By Transcend, UHS-I Speed Class 3 microSD Cards
MLC-based, 32GB and 64GB
2015.05.08 | Press Release
eInfochips Introduces NVMe Solution Portfolio for SSD Products
Verification IP and post-silicon validation test suite compliant to NVMe 1.2
2015.05.08 | Press Release
Kanguru Launches Microsoft-Certified Windows To Go USB 3.0 Flash Key
At $120 (64GB)
2015.05.08 | Press Release
HyperX Savage 6Gb SATA 2.5-Inch SSD
120GB ($77) to 960GB ($550), powered by Phison PS3110-S10 controller
2015.05.07 | Press Release
IBM Tackles Phase-Change Memory Drift, Resistance
To address challenges affecting feasibility of MLC storage in PCM
2015.05.07 | In Brief
Patriot Develops Type-C USB Flash Key
32GB and 64GB
2015.05.07 | Press Release
Nimble Storage Assigned Patent
Reducing churn in flash-based cache
2015.05.06 | In Brief
OCZ (Toshiba) Assigned Two Patents
Integrated storage/processing devices for performing big data analytics, modular mass storage system
2015.05.04 | In Brief
Virident (HGST) Assigned Patent
Small block write operations in non-volatile memory systems
2015.05.01 | In Brief
Spyrus With Multifunction PocketVault Smart USB 3.0 SSD
Up to 512GB drive integrated with FIPS 140-2 level 3 Rosetta HSM
2015.04.30 | Press Release
PMC-Sierra Assigned Patent
Initializing regions of flash drive having diverse ECC schemes
2015.04.30 | In Brief
Patriot: Ignite Series M2 SATA MLC SSD
240GB (110) and 480GB ($210), Phison S10 controller
2015.04.28 | Press Release
DensBits Technologies Assigned Three Patents
Flash memory management, configurable flash interface, dynamic erase, program control for flash memory device memories
2015.04.28 | In Brief
SanDisk Brings Out Next Gen of Fusion ioMemory PCIe Application Accelerators
From 1TB to 6.4TB
2015.04.27 | Press Release
Inside Secure Assigned Patent
Verifying data integrity in storage device
2015.04.27 | In Brief
OWC Viper Pro Thunderbolt2 External SSDs to Come
$2,999 for 4TB, $4,799 for 8TB
2015.04.24 | Press Release
JMR Compact PCIe SSD With Thunderbolt2 Interface
Available in 128, 256 and 512GB, 1TB in Q3
2015.04.23 | Press Release
OWC USB 3.0 Key Reaching 480GB and Coming Soon
Priced at $599
2015.04.22 | Press Release
Kingston Digital Ships 2.5-Inch 960GB 6Gb SATA SSD
For entry-level server and datacenter, powered by Phison S10 controller
2015.04.22 | Press Release
HP Z Turbo PCIe SSD Powered by Samsung NVMe Technology
Available in June at 256GB ($399) and 512 GB ($699)
2015.04.22 | Press Release
New Samsung SSD 840 EVO Read Performance Fix
Coming later this month
2015.04.22 | In Brief
HGST to Ship NVMe Compliant PCIe SSDs
In HHHL card or 2.5-inch small form factor up to 3.2TB
2015.04.21 | Press Release
3.84TB 6Gb SAS Enterprise G3HS MLC SSD Being Largest Capacity Unit for Lenovo
Aimed at System x
2015.04.21 | Press Release
Two PCIe SSDs From OWC
Up to 4TB and 1,345MB/s
2015.04.20 | Press Release
SSDs of Apple Retina MacBook With Controller From Anobit
And fabricated by TSMC
2015.04.20 | In Brief
Crocus Technology Assigned Patent
Self-referenced MRAM cell and method for writing cell using spin transfer torque write operation
2015.04.20 | In Brief
Netlist Introduces High-Speed EXPRESSvaultEV3 PCIe 3.0 NVRAM for Enterprise
4, 8 and 16GB storage memory tier to accelerate mission critical applications
2015.04.17 | Press Release
The Power Company: Flex-Card Storage for Every Phone and Computer
$345 for 256GB model
2015.04.17 | Press Release
OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD
From $100 for 120GB to $319 for 480GB
2015.04.16 | Press Release