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Ecos Technology stellt neue Generation des Ecos Secure Boot Stick vor German
Hochsicherer Fernzugriff auf Daten und Anwendunge
2017.01.18 | Press Release
Kingston Digital Assigned Patent
Logical-to-physical address translation for removable storage device
2017.01.17 | In Brief
Hoey Assigned Patent
Flash drive with attached cover
2017.01.16 | In Brief
CBL Datenrettung stellt zerstörtes Filmmaterial von SanDisk Extreme PRO 960 SSD wieder her German
Daten rekonstruiert, Image-Schaden vermieden
2017.01.16 | Press Release
Patriot Memory With 256GB LX Series microSDXC Card
Starting at $200
2017.01.13 | Press Release
Via Technologies Assigned Patent
Storage device and data checking and correction for volatile memory
2017.01.13 | In Brief
Kingston Digital: DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte USB Key at 2TB
With USB 3.0 interface
2017.01.12 | Press Release
WDC/SanDisk: Extreme PRO USB 3.1 256GB USB Keys
2017.01.12 | Press Release
Phison PS5008: PCIe Gen 3×2 NVMe Controller
Provides performance nearly three times that of SATA.
2017.01.12 | Press Release
Longsys: Foresee SATA Disk in Package
4GB to 256GB, with integrated SSD controller chip
2017.01.12 | Press Release
Stellar-C Vertical and Stellar-C Pass-Through USB Keys by Patriot Memory
64 to 128GB, starting at $25 to $65 for STC-Vi, $35 to $75 for STC-Ti
2017.01.12 | Press Release
Lite-On Assigned Patent
SSD device and reading control
2017.01.12 | In Brief
R&D: Nanyang Technological University and German Scientists Turn Memory Chips Into Processors to Speed Up Computing Tasks
Based on ReRAM from SanDisk/WDC and Panasonic
2017.01.11 | Press Release
Western Digital Introduced WD-Branded Black PCIe MVMe SSDs
Starting at $109 (€119) for 256GB and $200 (€219) for 512GB
2017.01.10 | Press Release
11 Myths About NAND Flash
Some common misconceptions about this technology
2017.01.10 | In Brief
Intel Optane Poor Fit for PCs
By Jim Handy, director, Objective Analysis
2017.01.10 | In Brief
Battle Between SSD and HDD Is Over – Yahoo!Tech
And winner is clear
2017.01.09 | In Brief
Adata: VR-Ready Gaming Products, 3D NAND and PCIe Gen3x4 Solution
As well as diverse USB Type-C and mobile and Apple accessories
2017.01.06 | Press Release
Rohm Assigned Patent
Manufacturing semiconductor storage device
2017.01.04 | In Brief
Cavium Assigned Patent
NVMe controller virtualization to support multiple VMs running on host
2017.01.03 | In Brief
Lenovo ThinkPad T570 to Have Intel Superfast Optane
First PC with this memory
2016.12.30 | In Brief
RecaData Enters Into M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD Market With Marvell Controller and Toshiba Toggle 15nm MLC NAND
Up to 1TB, maximum sequential R/W of 2,800/1,800 MB/s and random 4KB R/W of 330,000/260,000 IO/s
2016.12.29 | Press Release
Toshiba Expands Lineup of Embedded NAND Flash Memory Products for Automotive Applications
With JEDEC e-MMC V5.1 compliant embedded NAND flash memory products supporting AEC-Q100 Grade2 requirements
2016.12.29 | Press Release
SST/Microchip Shipped of 75 Billion Units With Embedded SuperFlash Technology
Part of microcontrollers and secure smart cards in consumer, enterprise and industrial applications
2016.12.28 | Press Release
Memblaze Assigned Patent
Storage device and method for performing interruption control
2016.12.28 | In Brief
Plextor to Unveil Consumer 3D NAND SSDs at CES 2017
Increased drive endurance, reliability and performance at lower cost
2016.12.27 | Press Release
Maxiotek Beginning Mass-Production of MK8115 DRAM-Less 6Gb SATA SSD Controller
Support for 3D-MLC and 3D-TLC NAND
2016.12.27 | Press Release
SK Hynix Invests $1.8 Billion to Expand NAND Flash Fab
In Cheongju, Korea
2016.12.26 | Press Release
SSDs Now Larger Than HDDs
Impact for your data
2016.12.23 | In Brief
Phison PS8311 Universal Flash Storage Controller Supporting 3D TLC NAND
28,500/26,500 R/W IO/s, sequential R/W at 410/235MB/s
2016.12.19 | Press Release
Force Series MP500 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD by Corsair
R/W speed of up to 3,000/2,400 MB/s, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB, Phison controller
2016.12.19 | Press Release
R&D: Tuning Magnetic Properties for Better Storage
High-density data storage and spintronic devices achieved by reversibly controlling electrical and magnetic properties of thin films
2016.12.15 | Press Release
Super Talent Assigned Patent
Green NAND SSD application and driver
2016.12.15 | In Brief
Gigadevice Semiconductor Assigned Patent
Nonvolatile memory erasure
2016.12.15 | In Brief
ACE Data Recovery Recovering Phison-Based SSDs
Manufactured by PNY, Zotac, OCZ, Kingston, Corsair, Patriot, Silicon Power, Mushkin, Adata, MyDigitalSSD, Crucial, Apacer, LiteOn, Sony, Zotac and Toshiba
2016.12.14 | Press Release
R&D: Optimizing I/O Operations in File Systems for Fast Storage Device
Optimized file system achieves better performance than existing file system.
2016.12.14 | In Brief
Atmel Assigned Patent
Adaptive non-volatile memory programming
2016.12.14 | In Brief
Inside Secure Assigned Patent
Dummy memory erase or program method protected against detection
2016.12.14 | In Brief
SC660H and SV620H 3D TLC NAND External SSDs From Adata
256GB and 512GB, 440MB/s read and 430MB/s write
2016.12.13 | Press Release
CEA and Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble Assigned Patent
Programming phase change memory and device
2016.12.13 | In Brief
Kanguru: Waterproof Defender 3000 Flash Key Providing Security
Hardware encrypted to protect data on the go
2016.12.12 | Press Release
China’s Recadata: 1TB Military MO-300 mSATA SSD
And up to 2TB (MLC) and 512GB (SLC) 2.5-inch SATA industrial grade flash drives
2016.12.12 | Press Release
R&D: Neuromorphic Computing Using Non-Volatile Memory
Dense crossbar arrays of non-volatile memory
2016.12.12 | In Brief
Ningbo Advanced Memory and Being Advanced Memory Assigned Patent
Manufacturing method of phase change memory
2016.12.12 | In Brief
Micron Said to Have 6Gb SATA SSD With « Industry-Leading 8TB Capacity »
Model 5100 Series Enterprise built on 3D NAND
2016.12.07 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Captive SSDs Move Across Apple’s Product Line Up – Trendfocus
With custom controller coming from acquired company Anobit
2016.12.06 | Press Release
Datarecovery klärt auf: Begriffsverwirrung, Datenrettung oder besser Datenkopie? German
System-Schnittstelle im neuen MacBook Pro macht's möglich
2016.12.05 | Press Release
ST-Ericsson Assigned Patent
Asynchronous bad block management in NAND flash memory
2016.12.02 | In Brief
Merchant SD 5.1 Controller Solution From Silicon Motion
R/W up to 2,000/800 IO/s to meet Application Performance Class 1 requirements from SD 5.1 specs
2016.12.01 | Press Release
SD Association Introduces APP Performance Class and SD Memory Card Symbol
Specification creates more storage expansion options for mobile users to run applications from SD memory cards at optimal levels.
2016.12.01 | Press Release