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Foremay Ships Full Disk Encryption SED SSD With Crypto Erase
Can instantaneously render all data scrambled, scattered and useless.
2016.02.05 | Press Release
iCobra Lightning USB 3.0 Flash Drives by Emtec
32GB, 64GB, 128GB
2016.02.05 | Press Release
Semiconductor Manufacturing International, and Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Assigned Patent
Phase-change memory and fabrication method
2016.02.05 | In Brief
SDD CS1311 et CS2211 Series pour PC chez PNY French
De €50 (120Go) à €300 (960Go) pour le CS1311 SDD
2016.02.05 | Press Release
Xitore Out of Stealth Mode
Launching 4TB SSD with 25.6GB/s, 4 million IO/s, 2μs latency in DRAM DIMM form factor
2016.02.03 | Press Release
Huawei Starts NVMe PCIe SSD Flash Storm Campaign
For 2.5-inch drive up to 3.2TB reaching 800,000 IO/s
2016.02.03 | Press Release
Infinit D Assigned Two Patents
3D magnetic memory device at 100TB per square-inch density
2016.02.03 | Press Release
Skyera/Western Digital Assigned Four Patents
Routing information in non-volatile memory-based storage device, atomic write command support in SSD, avoiding lower page corruption in storage devices, early de-allocation of write buffer in SSD
2016.02.03 | In Brief
OWC Mercury Electra MAX 6G: 2TB 7mm 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA SSD
$700 street pricing
2016.01.29 | Press Release
SD Card From Start-Up TarDisk Increases MacBook HDD by Up to 256GB
For $399
2016.01.28 | Press Release
Intellectual Discovery Assigned Patent
Phase-change memory device
2016.01.28 | In Brief
First All-Antiferromagnetic Memory Device Could Get Storage in Spin
Can be controlled to make completely different form of digital memory.
2016.01.27 | Press Release
Shenzhen Netcom Electronics Assigned Patent
SD memory card
2016.01.27 | In Brief
FlashSilicon Assigned Patent
Non-volatile DRAM
2016.01.26 | In Brief
Toshiba PX04SL: Enterprise SAS SSD at 2TB and 4TB
Sustained random read performance of 270,000 IO/s
2016.01.25 | Press Release
Micron Assigned Eighteen Patents
Phase change memory
2016.01.25 | In Brief
Conversant IP Assigned Patent
Non-volatile erase block memory device
2016.01.25 | In Brief
Virtium Extends High-Endurance Line of SSDs
With StorFly XE Class, 30GB to 480GB, industrial-grade MLC
2016.01.21 | Press Release
Sony: High-Speed XQD and SD Flash Cards, and Duo Reader
Up to 440MB/s and 150MB/s R/W for XQD-M card and up to 260MB/s read and 100MB/s R/W for SF-M series SD card
2016.01.21 | Press Release
MyDigitalSSD Extends Warranties on BP5 and BP5e SSDs
3 years for TLC and 5 years for MLC units
2016.01.21 | Press Release
Toshiba e•MMC NAND Flash Memory for Automotive Applications
From 8GB to 64GB
2016.01.15 | Press Release
DataTraveler 2000 Encrypted USB Flash Drive From Kingston With License From ClevX
16GB to 64GB, keypad access, AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption
2016.01.15 | Press Release
JumpDrive S45 Plug and Stay USB Key by Lexar
From £8 (16GB) to £29 (128GB)
2016.01.15 | Press Release
Swissbit Showing Flash Memory Cards and Storage Families
SD, microSD cards, SSDs and eUSB modules for industrial, automotive and networking applications
2016.01.15 | Press Release
Patriot Gauntlet 4 Enclosure With Type-C Connector for SATA 2.5-Inch SSD or HDD
Starting at $40
2016.01.15 | Press Release
Fixstars in Japan Launches SSD With WW Record of 13TB
in 2.5-inch 15mm form factor, 6Gb SATA, 15nm MLC
2016.01.14 | Press Release
SSD Pricing – Stop the Madness!
Said Don Jeanette, VP, Trendfocus
2016.01.14 | Press Release
Kingston Digital Ship Two New Versions of MobileLite Wireless
64GB of memory built-in, USB port and SD card slot, Dual Band Wi-Fi capable and 6700 mAh battery for MobileLite Wireless Pro
2016.01.14 | Press Release
Patriot: Two Lines of Consumer USB Flash Keys With USB 3.1 Gen 1
From $35 (64GB) to $95 (256GB) for Viper, $50 (128GB) to $230 (512GB) for Supersonic Mega
2016.01.14 | Press Release
OCZ (Toshiba): RevoDrive 400, NVMe PCIe Gen. 3 x4 SSD Up to 1TB on M.2 Module
And Trion 150 with 15nm Toshiba TLC
2016.01.13 | Press Release
Kingston Enterprise Client KC400 2.5-Inch SSD Up to 1TB
With Phison PS3110-S10 8-channel controller and quad-core processor
2016.01.13 | Press Release
Patriot Memory: Hellfire M.2 PCIe SSD
And Hellfire PCIe add-in card, both at 240GB, 480GB and 960GB
2016.01.13 | Press Release
Lexar Portable SSD
256GB (£121) and 512GB (£201)
2016.01.13 | Press Release
Gigastone Showing Apple iOS Flash Drive Range
From 16 to 128GB
2016.01.12 | Press Release
OWC 4TB Aura SSD, Upgrade for 2013 Mac Pro
2016.01.12 | Press Release
OWC With 1TB Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD
2.5-inch, $429
2016.01.12 | Press Release
Abundance of New SSDs at CES 2016
Smaller devices and increased capacity
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.01.11 | News
1TB SanDisk M.2 X400 SSD
Supposed to be world's thinnest with this capacity: 1.5mm height
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Samsung External Small Portable SSD T3 Up to 2TB for Tablets
USB 3.1 type C, 74x58x10.5mm, 51 grams
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Adata Showcases PCIe Gen3x4 SSD With 3D NAND
Powered by Marvell and SMI solution
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Plextor Adds Four-Lane PCIe NVMe M.2 M8Pe SSD
And M7V series SATA SSD with TLC
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Mushkin ECO3 SSD at 240GB and 480GB
Powered by Silicon Motion SM2256 controller, 2.5 inch 7mm
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Lite-On Unveils EP2 U.2 Enterprise SSDs Up to 2TB
PCIe Gen 3 x 4, NVMe 2.5-inch SSD with U.2 form factor
2016.01.11 | Press Release
480GB Envoy Pro Mini SSD in Thumb Drive Form Factor From OWC
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Lite-On J8: SSD for IoT
M.2, 6Gb SATA, especially for automotive industry
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Water-Resistant SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD
480GB at $250, USB 3.0, for photographers and videographers
2016.01.11 | Press Release
LaCie Chromé Desktop Storage: External SSD With USB-C
$1,100 With 1TB using two SSDs in RAID-0
2016.01.11 | Press Release
SanDisk Increases Capacity of Connect Wireless Stick and Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0
$120 for first one with 200GB, $60 for second one with 128GB
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Marvell SSD Controller Technology Expands NVMe Host Memory Buffer Ecosystem
For mobile computing solutions with NANDEdge LDPC technology supporting TLC and 3D NAND
2016.01.11 | Press Release
Silicon Motion 6Gb SATA SSD Controller Supporting 3D MLC NAND
From multiple vendors
2016.01.11 | Press Release