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Lenovo SSDs for ThinkServer and System x, Flex system and NeXtScale Servers
Based on HGST Ultrastar SS300, Micron 5100 PRO and 5100 MAX, Micron 5100 ECO, and Intel S3520
2017.06.29 | Press Release
Memblaze PBlaze5 PCIe NVMe SSD With 3D Enterprise NAND Up to 11TB
2.5-inch U.2 and HHHL add-in card form-factors
2017.06.28 | Press Release
Samsung in Volume Production of 64-Layer, 256Gb V-NAND Flash Memory
For server, PC and mobile applications, data transfer speed of 1Gb/s
2017.06.23 | Press Release
Adata IM2P3388 PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Industrial-Grade SSD
3D MLC NAND, 128, 256, 512GB and 1TB, up to 2,500MB/s 1,100MB/s RW
2017.06.20 | Press Release
Radian Memory Systems Assigned Patent
Cooperative flash memory control
2017.06.20 | In Brief
Piecemakers Technology Assigned Patent
Multi-bank memory
2017.06.19 | In Brief
Computex: Phison PS8226 3D NAND eMMC 5.1 Controller for Mobile Phone Market
3D TLC up to 310 and 220MB/s sequential RW, 22,000 and 29,000 IO/s random RW
2017.06.16 | Press Release
Review of State-of-the-Art in SSDs – EE Times
And proposition of methodology for verification and validation of SSD controller
2017.06.14 | In Brief
Avalanche Technology Assigned Patent
Management of memory array with magnetic random access memory
2017.06.14 | In Brief
Flash Industry Trends Could Lead Users Back to Spinning Disks – Tom’s Hardware
Revolt will come with Optane paired with HDDs.
2017.06.13 | In Brief
Khalifa University Assigned Patent
Designing hybrid memory cell with Memristor and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
2017.06.13 | In Brief
Silicon Motion: Merchant SD Controller Solutions
Supporting SD 6.0 specs
2017.06.09 | Press Release
Industrial eMMC EM-20 Embedded Multimedia Card by Swissbit
BGA153 package, 8 to 64GB, operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, up to 270MB/s and 160MB/s RW
2017.06.09 | Press Release
Computex: Upcoming 3D NAND Controllers by Phison
PS5008-E8 and PS5008-E8T controllers provide performance solution in small package from M.2 2280 to BGA SSD.
2017.06.08 | Press Release
StorArt Technology From Taiwan With SA3801 NVMe-1.2 SSD Controller
Supporting four channels with eight chip selection, up to 2TB drive support, PCIe 3.0 x two lanes
2017.06.08 | Press Release
Skyera/WDC/HGST Assigned Patent
Accessing non-volatile memory blade using multiple controllers in non-volatile memory based storage device
2017.06.08 | In Brief
Computex: MemxPro Showcases SSDs for Enterprise and Industrial Markets
2017.06.07 | Press Release
Computex: Plextor Unveils M8Se NVMe SSD
128GB to 1TB, PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe, up to 2,450/1,000 MB/s RW, 210,000/175,000 IO/s random RW
2017.06.07 | Press Release
Computex: Toshiba XG5 Line-up NVMe SSDs Using 64-Layer 3D Flash Memory …
256, 512 and 1024GB in M.2 2280 format, deliver 3000 MB/s and 2100 MB/s sequential RW
2017.06.06 | Press Release
… Computex: Client SSD With 64-Layer 3D NAND Technology From Western Digital
Start at $100 for Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD and SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD 2.5-Inch/7mm version or Blue M.2 2280 version
2017.06.06 | Press Release
R&D: Magnetoelectric Write and Read Operations in Stress-Mediated Multiferroic Memory Cell
Promising low bit-writing energies
2017.06.06 | Press Release
Xyratex/Seagate Assigned Patent
Solid state memory unit cooling apparatus
2017.06.05 | In Brief
Adata ISSS333 Industrial-Grade 2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA SSDs
128GB to 1TB, 560/530MB/s R/W, wide temperature tolerance, long lifespan, 3D MLC/TLC versions for enterprise users
2017.06.01 | Press Release
Computex: Industrial-Grade PCIe SSD and AES SD Card Series by Innodisk
And InnoREC and Boot-up drive series
2017.06.01 | Press Release
HPE Updates Flash Storage Portfolio for Hybrid IT
Starting at $74,840 for 3PAR StoreServ 9450, $7,750 for MSA 2050, $9,600 for MSA 2052, under $40,000 for Nimble Secondary Flash Array
2017.05.31 | Press Release
TPC-H Benchmark on Memory1 for Apache Spark SQL Workloads by Diablo
Improving data processing by 289% and lowering TCO by 51%
2017.05.31 | Press Release
Zeno Semiconductor Assigned Patent
Semiconductor memory having volatile and multi-bit non-volatile functionality
2017.05.31 | In Brief
Kingston KC1000 NVMe PCIe SSD Up to 960GB
Up to 2,700/1,600MB/s sequential R/W, Phison controller
2017.05.29 | Press Release
AgigA Tech Granted Patent in China
For hybrid non-volatile RAM
2017.05.29 | Press Release
From Western Digital, HGST Ultrastar 12Gb SAS SS300 2.5-Inch SSD Up to 7.68TB
Up to 400,000 IO/s and up to 200,000 IO/s random RW, up to 2,050MB/s sequential RW
2017.05.26 | Press Release
HighPoint Technologies: SSD7101 PCIe Board-Sized Drive Series
Integrating Samsung 960 NVMe SSDs up to 4TB to deliver over 12GB/s
2017.05.26 | Press Release
SF3 Series – CFast 2.0 Pro Thunderbolt 3 Card Reader From Sonnet
$199, can ingest files simultaneously from two cards at concurrent transfer speeds up to 1,000MB/s
2017.05.26 | Press Release
IPGoal Microelectronics Assigned Patent
Start-up method for USB flash disk with synchronous flash memory and control
2017.05.26 | In Brief
SSDs Vulnerable to Attacks That Corrupt User – BleepingComputer
Program interference and read disturb
2017.05.24 | In Brief
Security Flaw Found in SSD
HDDs do have strengths after all
2017.05.24 | In Brief
Denso Assigned Patent
Storage control device
2017.05.24 | In Brief
Invensas Assigned Patent
Flexible I/O partition of multi-die memory solution
2017.05.23 | In Brief
Intel: Persistent Memory, Based on 3D XPoint, Gets First Public Demo
Expected to ship in 2018 with processor refresh of Xeon Scalable family platform, code-named Cascade Lake
2017.05.22 | Press Release
Western Digital Unveils iNAND 7250A Embedded Storage Device for Connected Automotive Technologies
Up to 64GB, 300MB/s and 110MB/s sequential RW, and e.MMC 5.1 specification
2017.05.18 | Press Release
Dell EMC World: Toshiba Demonstrated 64-Layer BiCS Flash on Client NVM Express SSD
Currently migrating all client, data center and enterprise SSDs to 3D memory
2017.05.15 | Press Release
NVMDurance Assigned Patent
Waypoint generation for adaptive flash tuning
2017.05.15 | In Brief
Longitude Enterprise Flash Assigned Patent
Identifying storage resources not in use
2017.05.12 | In Brief
IBM Supporting NVMe Protocols for Flash Storage
To speed data across systems and devices
2017.05.11 | Press Release
FC-NVMe Developers Test Solution From SANBlaze
Enables prototyping, qualification and testing of large FC-NVMe configurations.
2017.05.11 | Press Release
Enterprise Read Intensive SATA SSDs’ Comparison –
Top spot for Micron 5100 ECO in front of Samsung PM863a and Toshiba HK4R
2017.05.10 | In Brief
Intel DC P4500 and DC P4600 Series 3D NAND PCIe/NVMe SSDs
1, 2,or 4TB, up to 3,290/1,890 R/W, up to 710,000/68,000 IO/s RW for DC P4500, and 1,6, 2, 3.2TB, up to 3,280/2,100MB/s R/W, up to 702,500/257,00 IO/s R/W for SSD DC P4600
2017.05.09 | Press Release
Micron Introduced SolidScale Architecture Powered by NVMe Storage
Platform using converged NVMe over fabric infrastructure
2017.05.09 | Press Release
Transcend SSD430: 2.5-Inch Industrial-Grade SSD
$89 (120GB) and $159 (240GB), up to 560MB/s and 490MB/s RW
2017.05.08 | Press Release
NVMDurance Assigned Two Patents
Candidate generation for adaptive flash tuning, offline characterization for adaptive flash tuning
2017.05.08 | In Brief
Regents of University of Michigan Assigned Patent
SRAM cell having improved write margin for use in ultra-low power application
2017.05.08 | In Brief