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Toshiba Adds 3TB 2.5-Inch HDD to Canvio External Range
At €244 with USB 3.0
2015.03.26 | Press Release
Best Hard Drive 2015
Top HDDs for speed and price
2015.03.24 | In Brief
Echostreams Assigned Patent
Removable hard disk drive holder
2015.03.23 | In Brief
LaCie: USB-C Reversible Connector on Porsche Mobile External HDD
500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities
2015.03.18 | Press Release
WD 6TB HDD Consuming 6 Watts
Said to be "most power-efficient high-capacity 3.5-inch drives"
2015.03.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Toshiba Debuts 12Gb SAS Enterprise 600GB 15,000rpm HDD
One year after HGST and Seagate
2015.03.16 | Press Release | [with our comments]
HGST Previews Already Released 10TB Helium HDD and NVMe-Compliant SSDs
At OCP U.S. Summit 2015
2015.03.16 | Press Release
SP/Silicon Power Introduces Armor A65 USB 3.0 Portable HDD Up to 2TB
Water/dust resistant and military grade shockproof
2015.03.12 | Press Release
Kanguru Introduces 11-Target HDD Duplicator
At $2,000
2015.03.10 | Press Release
USB 3.0 Dockingstation Dual SATA HDD/SSD von ARP German
2015.03.03 | Press Release
GreenTec-USA: WORMdisk Solution Prevents Equation Cyber Spying Attack
Following Kaspersky Lab warning of spying malware in 30 countries
2015.02.27 | Press Release
HGST Assigned Patent
Improving performance and storage density in HDD
2015.02.26 | In Brief
Multilayer 3D Disks Expand Data
With TAMR or HAMR, and bit-patterned media
2015.02.24 | In Brief
Toshiba With 5TB Internal SATA 3.5-Inch HDDs
2015.02.23 | Press Release
Are Our Disk Drives Secure?
Tom Coughlin comments on Equation attacks
2015.02.20 | In Brief
GreenTec-USA WORMdisk Protects HDDs and Master Boot Record From Cyber Attacks
In conjunction with Seagate
2015.02.20 | Press Release
Hacking Tools in Firmware of HDDs Built by Biggest Manufacturers
Discovered by Kapersky and believed to be originated from U.S. government
2015.02.17 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Six Best Portable HDDs 2015 – PC Advisor
Transcend StoreJet 25M3 number one
2015.02.12 | In Brief
Reliability Data Set for 41,000 HDDs – Backblaze
Now Open Source
2015.02.12 | Press Release
SDK to Ship 2.5-Inch 750GB Disk Media in March
With PMR technology, enabling 1.5TB 9.5mm notebook HDDs
2015.02.10 | Press Release
Seagate Supports VMware Virtual SAN With 12Gb SAS HDD and SSD
VMware Virtual SAN certification for 12GB SAS HDDs and SSD
2015.01.30 | Press Release
Best 3.5-Inch Desktop HDDs
Among 41,213 units runned and tested by Backblaze
2015.01.29 | Press Release
IDrive Brings Out Wi-Fi Encrypted 1TB or 2TB HDD for Local and Cloud Backup
$100 for 1TB and $150 for 2TB
2015.01.16 | Press Release
G-Technology: Portable External Storage Solutions Goes Rugged
$230 for 1TB G-Drive ev ATC with Thunderbolt, $180 with USB 3.0
2015.01.16 | Press Release
axle Drive Media Management Hub
From $995 with 2TB to $2,995 with 6TB
2015.01.15 | Press Release
WW Record for Internal 2.5-Inch HDD: 3TB by Toshiba
Also record of 750GB/disk, but unit 15mm high
2015.01.12 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Toshiba With New 2.5-Inch Hybrid HDDs
1TB 9.5mm high, 500GB 7mm high, both with 8GB NAND flash
2015.01.12 | Press Release
Toshiba Unveils Canvio Connect II External Portable HDD, Up to 3TB to Come
2TB at $200
2015.01.12 | Press Release
HGST Assigned Two Patents
Storage device with shingled data and unshingled cache regions, 3D magnetic memory
2015.01.12 | In Brief
Seagate Wireless Portable 500GB HDD
2015.01.08 | Press Release
Seagate: Seven Slim 500GB Portable 2.5-Inch HDD
Slimmest external HDD, 7mm thick , with steel enclosure, $100
2015.01.07 | Press Release
LaCie: Mirror Portable HDD
$280 for 1TB with USB 3.0 interface and scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass
2015.01.07 | Press Release
WD Demonstrates « World’s Fastest 4TB Hybrid Drive »
Prototype using SATA Express PCIe, 4TB 3.5-inch hybrid HDD, and up to 128GB SSD
2015.01.05 | Press Release
ISO 18943:2014 : Magnetic HDDs Used for Image Storage, Care and Handling
International standard
2014.12.30 | Press Release
For 6TB HDDs, WD Better Than Seagate, HGST 8TB Helium Unit Too Expensive
Comparison by huge user Backblaze
2014.12.24 | Press Release
HDD Areal Density and $/TB Trends
Difference with flash will not be sustainable without implementing increases in HDD storage density.
2014.12.23 | In Brief
OWC In-Line Digital Thermal Sensor for 2009-Present iMac HDD Upgrade Up to 6TB
$57 for iMac 2011 and $59 for iMac 2012 to present including Retina
2014.12.23 | Press Release
After Seagate and WD, Toshiba Late Into 6TB HDD (With 6 Platters)
Beginning to sample to OEMs only in 1Q15, with 6Gb SATA and 12Gb SAS
2014.12.22 | Press Release
Toshiba Canvio Aerocast: 1TB Wireless HDD
For sharing and backuping media from mobile devices
2014.12.17 | Press Release
DriveSavers Offers $500 HDD Recovery Relief
To victims of major storm in Northern California
2014.12.17 | Press Release
WORMdisk From GreenTec-USA
With protection at physical level of HDD
2014.12.16 | Press Release
Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Relief at $850
For those affected by storms in San Francisco, CA
2014.12.16 | Press Release
A-Data Assigned Patent
Memory storage device and control method thereof
2014.12.16 | In Brief
Seagate HDDs for Enterprise NAS Up to 6TB
With 5-year warranty and optional data recovey service
2014.12.11 | Press Release
Transcend StoreJet Portable Drive for Mac
2TB with HDD, 256GB to 1TB with SSD, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces
2014.12.10 | Press Release
Marvell Assigned Patent
Determining location of feature on storage medium
2014.12.10 | In Brief
WD Assigned Two Patents
HAMR transducer, HDD modifying rotational position optimization algorithm
2014.12.04 | In Brief
DESY Scientists Film Magnetic Memory in Super Slow-Motion
For better understanding of dynamics of HDD materials
2014.12.02 | Press Release
100TB HDDs and New Spin on Storage
HAMR to increase average annual areal density growth rate to 30%
2014.11.28 | In Brief
Akitio Thunderbolt2 and USB 3.1 Dual-Interface Solution
Based on external Akitio Thunder2 Quad PCIe box and Asmedia USB 3.1 host card
2014.11.27 | Press Release