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Nintendo Assigned Patent
Computer-readable storage medium having display control program stored therein
2015.03.19 | In Brief
Toshiba TJM35420LT, TransferJet Adapter for iOS Devices
Maximum data throughput: 375Mb/s
2015.03.10 | Press Release
Lineage Labs Introducing Bevy, Home Device Wirelessly Collecting and Protecting Photo and Video
$349 retail price for 1TB of local storage
2015.02.27 | Press Release
Canon Connect Station CS100 ($300) to Unite Company’s Imaging Devices
To store 1TB, view, share and manage photos and videos on one device
2015.01.12 | Press Release
Lima Product Enables to Have Same Content on All Devices
Without cloud
2015.01.05 | Press Release
NUZii Smart Hub to Simplify Connected Home on Kickstarter
It comprises cloud storage device, home hub, audio streamer, security system, router.
2014.11.24 | Press Release
Imation Link Power Drive, Combination Flash Drive and Power Bank for iPhone
$150 for 64GB
2014.11.21 | Press Release
Vantec Universal Dual Video Docking Station
With SD /MicroSD reader, five USB 3.0 ports, HDMI/DVI and Ethernet port
2014.11.07 | Press Release
Seagate Media Channel on Roku Platform Streams Multimedia Content
From storage devices to TV
2014.08.01 | Press Release
WD TV – Personal Edition ($100)
Wifi media player playing virtually any media file stored on USB and NAS
2014.06.03 | Press Release
OWC: HDD/SSD Replacement Kit for PlayStation 4
$399 with 480GB SSD
2014.01.22 | Press Release
Lenovo Adding Four Devices to Connect and Share Content at Home
Including Beacon, personnal cloud storage device starting at $199, up to 6TB
2014.01.14 | Press Release
Emerald Queen Casino With Actifio
To manage 10PB and saving "$750,000"
2014.01.08 | Press Release
WD Introduces TV Media Player ($70)
Streams to HDTV Internet channels, personal photos, music and movies from other networked devices in the home.
2013.02.22 | Press Release
DriveSavers Sees 150% Increase by Apple Mobule Users
Only 10% of smartphone users backup on regular basis.
2013.02.08 | Press Release
Les taxes sur les mémoires magnétiques, optiques et flash encore augmentées French
Cela en fera encore plus pour Gérard Depardieu ...
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2012.12.19 | News
Eminent mit zwei 3D Full HD Mediaplayern EM 7380 und EM 7385 German
3,5-Zoll-SATA-Festplatten, USB 3.0
2012.10.08 | Press Release
ViXS Powers Sony PlayStation PS3 Networked 500GB Recorder and Media Storage Nasne …
With network media processor and dual HD transcoder
2012.09.13 | Press Release
… And Toshiba’s Blu-ray Player in HDTVs
With same SoC
2012.09.13 | Press Release
WD TV Media Players With New Entertainment Options
Red Bull TV, ABC iview, Acetrax, Maxdome, BILD TV-App, AOL On Network
2012.06.11 | Press Release
Sony Computer Entertainment Launching nasne (¥16,980)
Networked recorder with 500GB HDD, digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast tuners
2012.04.23 | Press Release
Project Phenix to Organize, Store and Move HD Movies
Initiative from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Bros., SanDisk and WD
2012.03.05 | Press Release
Loudlee Rolls Out Beta of Social Music Network
CEO Yaron Revah was co-founder of XIV.
2012.02.24 | Press Release
WD Makes Netflix in UK and Ireland With Its Media Players
And range of UK TV/radio programs
2012.01.16 | Press Release
Simple.TV Teams With Buffalo and ViXS
For turning iPad, Roku box, Google TV, or web browser into DVR
2012.01.13 | Press Release
AirTies NAS, Set-Top Boxes Certified by BitTorrent
To play and share high-quality personal media on any screen
2012.01.13 | Press Release
WD Adds Services to the TV Live and TV Live Hub Media Players
Streaming movie Vudu, remote control App for Apple and Android, and others
2011.12.27 | Press Release
Phosphorus Box lance lance « L’Univers Numérique Familial » French
Se connecte à  une boîte ADSL, pour sauvegarder et partager le patrimoine familial.
2011.12.22 | Press Release
Iomega TV avec logiciel Boxee en France French
Internet (séries TV, films, musique) directement sur téléviseur HD
2011.12.20 | Press Release
Version améliorée de MediaZapper HD chez Storex French
Un enregistreur TNT au prix de 49€
2011.12.06 | Press Release
TwinBox 230 de Storex French
Une platine muldimedia double tuner TNT (69€)
2011.11.28 | Press Release
Sitecom stellt den HDD TV Media Player mit 2TB Festplatte vor German
2011.11.23 | Press Release
Storex LinkBox: une passerelle multimédia sans disque dur French
2011.11.23 | Press Release
WD Wireless Media Player ($100) Delivers Spotify Music Service
Catalog of 15 million songs
2011.10.11 | Press Release
Tradetuber HD600B Network HD Media Player
With optional wifi
2011.10.10 | Press Release
Netflix Available Through WD TV Live Plus Media Player
In Brazil
2011.09.19 | Press Release
Hulu Plus Subscription and SHOUTcast for WD TV Live Plus and Hub Media Players
Bringing current-season on-demand TV, movies and radios
2011.08.09 | Press Release
WD Photos Viewer App Working With TV Live Media Center
To send wirelessly content of smartphones/tablets to HDD
2011.05.18 | Press Release
New Pogoplug Hard and Soft
Access to personal content from any connected device without fees or storage limits
2011.04.18 | Press Release
mSpot Music Offers 5GB of Free Storage
Cloud music service with 1.2 million downloads
2011.04.07 | Press Release
Iomega ScreenPlay DX HD Media Player ($300 With 2TB)
Brings Internet to HD TV.
2011.03.23 | Press Release | [with our comments]
MiMedia Incorporates Social Media Integration
Lets users share directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.
2011.03.16 | Press Release
Three New Uebo Digital Media Players
Two portable 1080p HD media and one Wi-Fi-enabled
2011.03.04 | Press Release
Fortis Selects Tuxera NTFS for Set-Top Box
To record three and playback two HD channels simultaneously
2011.02.28 | Press Release
Seagate TV Remote Available in USA
iPhone App for GoFlex TV and FreeAgent Theater+
2011.02.17 | Press Release
OWC Media Center Solution for 2010 Mac mini
Up to 6,145 hours of movies with 12TB Mercury Pro Qx2 RAID
2011.02.04 | Press Release
Hauppauge HD PVR (€219) French
Pour enregistrer en HD sur PC
2011.02.02 | Press Release
Lecteur multimédia HDMI 1080p (€69) chez Peekton French
Compatible avec un disque dur SATA de 3,5 pouces
2011.01.26 | Press Release
Cirago Launches CMC3200 Media Player Bundle With 2TB ($300)
Also with PlayOn media service and Wi-Fi adapter
2011.01.11 | Press Release
Archos Uses HDD for Its Tablet
Incorporating 250GB drive
2011.01.11 | Press Release | [with our comments]