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SoftNAS Delivers CloudFabric and UltraFast for Ability to Manage Data Everywhere
Accelerates access to diverse and dispersed data for data migration, replication and integration.
2015.10.08 | Press Release
Dataguise Integrates DgSecure With Azure HDInsight
To detect, audit, protect and monitor sensitive Hadoop data
2015.10.08 | Press Release
Talon CloudFAST for Azure File Storage
Brings global file sharing capabilities to Microsoft Azure customers.
2015.10.08 | Press Release
Secure Off-Site Backup With Veeam Cloud Connect From Webair
Enables remote enterprise customers to recover sensitive data in the event of disaster, data loss or system failure.
2015.10.08 | Press Release
Peter Chacko Assigned Patent
Distributed virtual storage cloud architecture
2015.10.05 | In Brief
Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage at $0.005/GB/Month
Lower price than Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure and Dropbox
2015.10.02 | Press Release
onQ DRaaS Solutions Announced by Quorum
100% channel focus, virtual hosted testing brings onQ closer to enterprise
2015.10.02 | Press Release
Smarsh Enhancing Web Archiving Solution
Quickly search and supervise electronic communications to meet regulatory compliance and e-discovery obligations
2015.10.02 | Press Release
Cloud Backup With BC Service by TurnKey Internet
Free for 10GB, $25 for 50GB
2015.10.02 | Press Release
Huawei Releases Service-Driven OceanStor DJ
Data service platform that can provide storage and management services on demand through unified management over storage resources.
2015.10.01 | Press Release
Egnyte Assigned Patent
Implementing object storage infrastructure for cloud-based services
2015.10.01 | In Brief
Huawei Rolls Out OpenStack-Based Cloud DR Solution
Provides DR capabilities for cloud data centers employing open architecture.
2015.09.30 | Press Release
eFolder Adds Cloud-Based DR
For Veeam-protected VMware environments
2015.09.29 | Press Release
Dimension Data Private Cloud Enterprise Edition Available
As part of Catalyst alliance with EMC
2015.09.25 | Press Release
PKware Assigned Patent
Data verification and replay prevention for information stored on open network
2015.09.25 | In Brief Performs Cloud Backup « 6X Faster » Than Microsoft Azure For Full Backupss
And "17X faster" for incremental backup
2015.09.24 | Press Release
Las Vegas-Based Cloud Hosting Infrastructure by Cloud Computing Concepts
Powered exclusively by VMware, located within Supernap data center
2015.09.24 | Press Release
Fujitsu Delivers Data Protection Appliance for Hybrid IT
Enhanceing company's cloud backup as a service solution
2015.09.23 | Press Release
Price of Amazon Glacier Lowered From $0.01 to $0.007/GB/Month for Cold Storage
50th reduction over past nine years by AWS
2015.09.21 | Press Release
Ctera Links With HP Hybrid Cloud Service Automation
To automate the deployment and management of enterprise file services across hybrid cloud delivery model
2015.09.21 | Press Release
iPhone Users Have to Backup Before Switching to iPhone 6s
Reminds IDrive offering IOS app.
2015.09.18 | Press Release
Orion Network Solution Offers Backup for Businesses
To avoid data loss with onsite and offsite solution
2015.09.18 | Press Release
EditShare Unveiled AirFlow Private Cloud
Delivering remote workflow, included with every EditShare storage system
2015.09.16 | Press Release
Alcatel-Lucent Launches Elastic Content Delivery Network and Cloud-Based DVR Storage
CDN platform improves network performance and resource scaling to meet dynamic demand.
2015.09.16 | Press Release
Zscaler Assigned Patent
Archiving systems and methods for cloud-based systems
2015.09.15 | In Brief
Backup Vx Enables to Deploy Barracuda Backup on Virtual Environments
$2,250 per terabyte protected data
2015.09.11 | Press Release
By Datarealm, SSD-Powered Shared Hosting Plans
Basic shared hosting account includes 10GB on SSD, 1TB of bandwidth, and unlimited databases.
2015.09.11 | Press Release
Qiniu Holds D-Future Summit Focusing on Future Reconstructing Data
Company is cloud storage service provider in China.
2015.09.11 | Press Release
Availability of CloudBerry Desktop Backup Free
Free tool part of Backup 4.3 with support for VMware vCloud Air and file level recovery for image-based backup
2015.09.10 | Press Release
Birch Enhances TotalCloud File Storage Mobile Application
Supporting iOS 8 and Android Lollipop 5.0 devices
2015.09.10 | Press Release
Data Deposit Box Announcing Integrated Support for S3 Compatible Object Store Technology
Solution for MSP and enterprise system architecture
2015.09.10 | Press Release Accepts Bitcoin Payment via BitPay
For encrypted cloud storage and file sharing
2015.09.09 | Press Release
Egnyte Delivers Integrations Across All Microsoft Office 365 Versions
Also unveils technology partner program.
2015.09.09 | Press Release
OneCloud Recovery Closes Gap Between AWS and DR
Built-in cloud cost optimization eliminates need for secondary data center.
2015.09.04 | Press Release
CenturyLink Cloud Customers Can Use SoftNAS Applications
For secure file sharing and storage capabilities
2015.09.04 | Press Release
CenturyLink Cloud Customers Can Get SoftNAS
To have secure file sharing and storage capabilities
2015.09.03 | Press Release
Tsao Assigned Patent
Web based storage on-demand
2015.09.02 | In Brief
ViON Revealing FortresStore Archive Solution
For managing exponential data growth, powered by Commvault software
2015.09.01 | Press Release
To Load Data Into Google Cloud Storage by Sending HDDs, Tapes and USB Keys
To third party service provider who uploads data on your behalf
2015.08.28 | In Brief
Unitrends Extends Public Cloud Around World
Adding data centers in Australia, Canada, Germany and UK
2015.08.28 | Press Release
Auro Enterprise Cloud Releasing SSD Block Storage
Redundant persistent storage service for applications and databases requiring frequent R/Ws
2015.08.26 | Press Release
MapR Expands Customer Cloud Deployment Options for Hadoop
With AWS
2015.08.26 | Press Release
StoAmigo’s Tack App Gives Local HDDs Cloud Accessibility
App does not use time consuming processes such as uploading or syncing
2015.08.24 | Press Release
Cloud Backup and Restore Solution by SmartIO
For smartphones and tablets
2015.08.21 | Press Release
Barracuda Launching CudaDrive Secure Cloud File Service With Virtual Drive and User Data Protection
Starting at $40/ month for 100GB
2015.08.20 | Press Release
Cirrus Data to Support Migrating Legacy SANs to Microsoft Cloud Azure
With Data Migration Server
2015.08.20 | Press Release
CloudBerry Lab Provides Image-Based Backup Functionality in Backup Services
Supporting Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
2015.08.19 | Press Release
Cloudian HyperStore Selected for Symantec Veritas NetBackup 7.7
As cloud storage platform
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Entelic Recommends Complimentary DR Assessment for Small Businesses
Focuses on educating existing clients about offsite backup for gaining peace of mind.
2015.08.14 | Press Release
Backup and Recovery Services From PhoenixNAP
Cloud backup options available for safeguarding data and DR
2015.08.14 | Press Release