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Cloud Storage Via Satellite by Cloud Constellation
SpaceBelt is secure network infrastructure of interconnected data centers housed on satellites bypasses internet
2016.05.26 | Press Release
Swedish Storegate Integrates Microsoft Office Online in Cloud Service
For store, share and collaborate
2016.05.26 | Press Release
Verizon Launched Cloud Backup Service Powered by Actifio
Enabling enterprises to embrace hybrid cloud, accelerate application development
2016.05.20 | Press Release
Switss UP-Great With Online Backup and Cloud Storage Services
Includes local backup servers and managed service at fixed price
2016.05.20 | Press Release
Sungard Availability Services Brings DR With Cloud-Based Recovery for SAP HANA
Supports SAP S/4HANA, SAP Suite on HANA (SoH), SAP Business Warehouse (BW), and other SAP HANA-based applications deployed with EMC arrays.
2016.05.20 | Press Release
Ajubeo Backup-and-Restore-as-a-Service Solutions for HPE Customers
To backup data from StoreOnce and 3par
2016.05.20 | Press Release
Outscale said NetApp AltaVault-Certified OSU Available in North America and Asia
SLA guarantees "99.9999999999%" yearly object storage sustainability for given region.
2016.05.20 | Press Release
CloudBerry Lab Backup Version 4.9
Targeted at DR, backup and storage on Azure
2016.05.19 | Press Release
SearchYourCloud Leads Advanced Search Results With US Patent
Sorting and de-dupe of search query from multiple sources into single search result
2016.05.19 | Press Release
German cloudplan veröffentlicht Beta Version Enterprise Peer-to-Peer Speicher Lösung German
App bietet eine File Storage Lösung für Business- und Privatkunden
2016.05.16 | Press Release
Barracuda: Intronis MSP Solutions Offers Backup, Archiving, and Email Security Bundles for MSPs
Includes Essentials for Office 365.
2016.05.13 | Press Release
Datto Drive File Sync and Share Service With ownCloud for SMBs
$10/TB/month for unlimited number of users in organization
2016.05.13 | Press Release
Zerto Provides BC and DR Solution in IBM Cloud
Using company's Virtual Replication to create advanced and flexible DR as a service.
2016.05.12 | Press Release
MegaBackup Unlimited Online Backup Storage in Hong Kong
2016.05.12 | Press Release
Open Source Storage Launches Public Cloud Offering and Builds Out Data Center
"On average we are 50% cheaper and faster."
2016.05.12 | Press Release
Metalogix Announced Essentials for Drives: File Shares to OneDrive Freemium
Free migration of up to 500 drives (or users) or 1TB of file share content - including files, folders, versions, metadata, and permissions from file systems, file shares or NAS
2016.05.11 | Press Release
Spanning by EMC Extends Cloud-to-Cloud Backup to Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business
Starts at $48/user/year.
2016.05.10 | Press Release
Virtustream Storage Cloud: Global Cloud Storage Platform
Selected by Syncplicity
2016.05.09 | Press Release
Nexenta NexentaEdge Includes Integration With OpenStack and Docker Environments
From $0.15/GB to less than $0.10/GB
2016.05.06 | Press Release
Cloud Archive Solution by Iron Mountain
For long-term data preservation, based on EMC Elastic cloud Storage
2016.05.06 | Press Release
ParaBlu BluVault for Servers
Enables secure server backup on cloud.
2016.05.06 | Press Release
Jungle Disk: Data Threat Protection Solution
Starting at $70/month
2016.05.06 | Press Release
Syncplicity Data Hub Available
For enterprises modernizing IT infrastructure to reduce costs and empower mobile workforce
2016.05.05 | Press Release
Storage Made Easy Bridge Web and Desktop Editing With CloudEdit
Frictionless way of editing documents opened from web directly on users desktop
2016.05.05 | Press Release
At Least 5 Online Storage Providers Said Chinese Government Ordered Them to Close
It represents country's extensive implementation to control online content in mainland.
2016.05.03 | In Brief
Cohesity Unveiling Hybrid Cloud Strategy
To leverage cost efficiency and agility of cloud infrastructure
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Amazon Web Services Announcing Two HDD-Backed Storage Options for Amazon EBS
Starting at $0.025/GB /month
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Verint Workforce Optimization Interoperable With EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
To provide cloud storage solutions
2016.04.29 | Press Release
Ctera Scales Up and Virtualizes Cloud Storage Gateway Portfolio
For distributed and converged IT Infrastructure, virtual appliance, 4X capacity expansion
2016.04.28 | Press Release
Fortinet Assigned Patent
Secure cloud storage distribution and aggregation
2016.04.28 | In Brief
Panzura Delivers In-Cloud NAS Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Cloud controllers certified
2016.04.26 | Press Release
CloudBerry Lab Products Compatible With Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
Including upload speeds of "up to six times faster" than standard methods
2016.04.26 | Press Release
Bitcasa Drive Discontinued
Account owners must take action to avoid losing their files.
2016.04.25 | Press Release
Go Daddy Operating Assigned Patent
Verifying and balancing server resources via stored usage data
2016.04.25 | In Brief
Storj Labs Launches Beta Version of Distributed Online Storage
$0.015/GB/month and $0.05/GB bandwidth
2016.04.22 | Press Release
Box to Deliver International Storage With Box Zones
Store data in Germany, Ireland, Japan and Singapore
2016.04.21 | Press Release
ownCloud 9.0: Federated Universal File Access Platform With File Protection
$3,600 for 50 users, $5,760 for 100 users with standard edition
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Zadara Enhances Storage-as-a-Service
With object store and other enterprise services
2016.04.21 | Press Release
Kanguru Endpoint Protector, Cloud-Based Management Service
Assists organizations in protecting data and infrastructure.
2016.04.20 | Press Release
Archived (Kickstarter) Saves Data in 3 Separate Locations on 2 Different Continents
Starting at $5/month for 50GB, from father and son team
2016.04.19 | Press Release
IBM and Box to Enable Local Storage in Europe and Asia
With Box Zones and IBM Cloud
2016.04.19 | Press Release
StorageCraft With DR Cloud in Europe
With Interxion having data centers in Dublin, Ireland, and Frankfurt, Germany
2016.04.19 | Press Release
IDrive: Nearline Backup Service at One Cent /GB/Month
Access speed of "less than one second"
2016.04.14 | Press Release
Global Capacity Launches Wireless Backup Services
With managed failover service across nationwide 4G LTE wireless footprint
2016.04.14 | Press Release
Egenera Introduces CloudMigrate for Xterity Cloud
Enables to transition existing cloud-based servers or on-premise servers.
2016.04.14 | Press Release
Backblaze Introducing Catblaze Cloud Backup
Focuses on automatic and continuous backup of feline related content on PC or Mac.
2016.04.13 | Press Release
Databarracks Predicts Bright Future for AWS
Despite Dropbox's decision to leave cloud service
2016.04.13 | Press Release
Unlimited Storage and Users From FileGenius
For business users
2016.04.13 | Press Release
ASPnix Launching Database Vault for Windows
Backup solution for MySQL and SQL Server databases
2016.04.11 | Press Release
Bitcasa: Virtual Cloud Drive to End Reliance on HDDs
CloudFS driver enables native integration on any device.
2016.04.08 | Press Release