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Top Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2015
More than 300% for Exablox, Tegile, Infinidat and SoftNAS
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.02.11 | News
Top 12 Storage Companies in 2015
Revenue globally decreasing; top three continue to be EMC, Micron and Western Digital
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.02.04 | News
Storage Start-Ups in 2015
Worst year since 2003 in number of financial rounds
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.01.06 | News
All M&As in 2015
Only 51 but huge ones (Dell/EMC, WD/SanDisk, Carlyle/Veritas)
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2016.01.04 | News
Top Storage Trends for 2015
SSD and all-flah array, SDS and converged infratructure
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2015.01.07 | News
Storage Dictionary (SNIA)
Terms and definitions related to storage and other information technologies
2014.06.19 | Press Release
More Than 130 Books on Storage
With links on
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2013.04.10 | News
History of Storage Industry
Best links in and on the web
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2013.04.05 | News
All Companies in All-Flash Subsystems
71, up to now
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2012.12.24 | News | [with our comments]
Editor’s Message to PRs
Thanks to avoid these words in storage press releases
2012.06.13 | Press Release
What Do Represent All These Bytes?
From bit to geopbyte
2012.06.13 | Press Release
Storage Abbreviations
What do all these letters mean?
2012.05.28 | Press Release
All Start-Up’s Profiles

by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2012.05.28 | News
All storage events in the world
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2012.04.13 | News | [with our comments]
All Firms in De-Dupe
But today's main question is: "Who is not involved?"
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2012.02.10 | News
Complete List of 156 SSD Makers
For only three for HDDs
by Jean-Jacques Maleval | 2011.06.14 | News | [with our comments]