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Simon Chappell Launches Start-Up Assured Data Protection in UK

And partners with Rubrik.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2016.10.24

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Simon Chappell,Assured Data Protection,rubrikSimon Chappell launches Assured Data Protection and partners with Rubrik to offer simple, secure and scalable data management, backup and recovery as-a-service.


Data protection expert and industry veteran Simon Chappell announced the launch of Assured Data Protection (Assured DP) to address the market opportunity around cloud data management, backup and recovery.

Partnering with cloud data management leader Rubrik, Inc., Assured DP offers a suite of on premise and hosted managed data protection services for mid-market and large enterprises.

The new Rubrik based managed services will help organisations who want to embrace the economics and agility of cloud and virtual IT to reduce costs, simplify complexity, assure compliance and scale on demand, heralding a new era in cloud data management.
Executive chairman and co-founder Simon Chappell, who previously founded and led Backup Technology Ltd to before its acquisition by Iomart Group for £23 million in 2013, has teamed up with former colleagues for the new venture. Rob Mackle will assume the role of CEO whilst Stew Parkin joins as Technical Operations Director, with further appointments and expansion plans due to be announced shortly.
Commenting on the announcement Chappell explained: "I'd still be officially retired from the data protection business if I hadn't been introduced to Rubrik by their value-added distribution partner BigTec. I was immediately bowled over by the incredible opportunity to change the market using new technology that revolutionises data management, backup and recovery. I decided there and then to get the old team back together, start-up Assured DP and team up with Rubrik to take its disruptive cloud data management solution to market. We have a shared vision and aggressive growth ambitions that will bring huge benefits to mid-large enterprise customers as they to transition to cloud-based architectures."
"Assured DP has great pedigree and is committed to giving its customers a simpler, faster and more agile way of achieving the best possible data management, backup and recovery. This is the beginning of an exciting partnership and we are delighted to support them in taking their innovative managed data protection services to market," added Alex Raistrick, director of Western Europe, Rubrik.
"While everyone else in the market bases its solutions on outdated 10-15 year old technologies, service providers like Assured DP can use Rubrik to offer a genuinely disruptive, fit-for-purpose alternative that's built for the virtual, hybrid cloud reality of today's business challenges. This is a $50 billion global market that's ripe for change," Raistrik concluded.
Rather than struggle to hit modest RTOs, or grapple with multi-tier storage/software architectures and their inability to accommodate data growth and hybrid cloud adoption, Assured DP offers an all-encompassing pay-as-you-go solution that enables customers to focus on what really matters: their own production environment. Using Rubrik's simple, secure and scalable technology, Assured DP is able to cut RTOs from hours to seconds, delivering vastly superior levels of functionality and service at a low cost. The simplicity of the system means new customers are up and running and equipped to meet compliance requirements in 15 minutes.