SAN Cluster Software by euroNAS

Continuous data availability for data center operations
This is a Press Release edited by on 2014.09.19

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The German storage company euroNAS GmbH based in Munich announced its latest storage product.


The SAN Storage Software for HA has been designed to provide high level redundancy for FC environments with minimum possible downtime. SAN storage software (product name euroNAS SAN Cluster) provides possibilities for IT professionals to achieve continuous data availability up to 100km. It will turn standard servers into a FC SAN storage synchronous mirror enabling large distance separations of the nodes. Customers can access their data if a failover occurs within a building, across a campus, or even over a metropolitan area.

Maintenance friendly with minimum downtime
It is powered by euroNAS Smart SAN Mirror (eSSM) Technology. It is a set of services built into euroNAS SAN Cluster. It manages real-time server mirroring and providing controlled I/O optimization for high consistent performance. Servers will detect if the other goes offline and will take over the services as well as the network address of the failed server without requiring administrative intervention. This functionality is critical for planned maintenance as well as for failures and crashes that inevitably happen in the computer world. A server in the cluster may be taken offline for maintenance and brought back online without interrupting connected clients.

As all euroNAS products SAN Cluster software is not locked to certain server manufacturer.

SAN Cluster is optimized for data centers using:

  • Applications with critical shared data

  • Storage virtualization

  • Storage for critical databases

  • Workstations with critical data