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WinMagic and Guidance Software Products Interoperable

To enable forensics of self-encrypting drives
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WinMagic Inc., in disk encryption, announced interoperability with Guidance Software, Inc.'s EnCase Forensic.

WinMagic,Guidance Software

This interoperability provides a solution that enables customers-including law-enforcement personnel-to unlock and retrieve data from self-encrypting drives (SEDs) while complying with corporate policy or supporting legal processes.
Self-encrypting drives make security native to the device or machine, reducing costs and simplifying encryption by removing the security operation from the OS. WinMagic's SecureDoc solution can centrally manage SED-based encryption keys in a cost-effective and secure manner. Given today's news, organizations can deploy a WinMagic-enabled EnCase Forensic offering to unlock, find and retrieve SED-encrypted data on systems managed by SecureDoc, provided the investigator was issued SED credentials by the administrator.
"WinMagic has been working with the Trusted Computing Group, drive manufacturers and OEM computer manufacturers since the concept of SEDs was introduced. We are working with Guidance Software to ensure its products are compatible with SED drives, allowing for rapid adoption of SEDs," said Garry McCracken, VP, technology partnerships, WinMagic. "SEDs are already being deployed and are eagerly anticipated as a secure, cost-effective way to encrypt data. With the help of WinMagic, Guidance Software customers are now able to conduct forensic investigations on devices using this new security method."
SecureDoc, makes it easy to secure data by managing the method by which data is encrypted. In the encryption market, WinMagic is working with asolution providers, including ISVs, to ensure a seamless introduction of SEDs. WinMagic is certifying the SED offerings from a number of storage drive manufacturers for compatibility with SecureDoc, and it has aligned itself to OEM PC manufacturers, such as HP and Lenovo, to provide solutions that can manage SED deployments.
"Guidance Software products are trusted by digital investigators around the world to get results on any device and with every data type. We are always innovating to ensure our products can perform in any situation, and that includes interoperability with new security developments such as SEDs," said Alex Andrianopoulos, VP marketing, Guidance Software. "When the technology advancement relates to security and encryption, we turn to the team at WinMagic, given their long-term in-depth knowledge of the industry."
EnCase Forensic is the standard in digital investigation technology for forensic practitioners who need to conduct efficient, forensically-sound data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process. Guidance Software and WinMagic interoperable solutions are available.

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