Xyratex Qualifies Arista 10GbE and 40GbE Switches

For ClusterStor HPC storage
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.05

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Xyratex Ltd. has qualified the Arista Networks 7050
Series of network switches for use with its ClusterStor family of scale-out HPC
storage solutions.

The selection of Arista's solutions is due to their performance, low latency and industry-best buffer capacity - all
critical attributes for storage systems in the media and entertainment
(M&E) and cloud industries. This new interoperability means more access to
low-latency, fast, dense storage value for users.

For example, in the M&E industry, competitive viability among organizations
requires continued reduction in time to production while simultaneously
managing increases in digital content processing.
Higher-resolution imaging standards, 3D technology and computer generated
imagery (CGI) have led to exponential increases in data creation and the need
for performance, scalable storage systems and network fabrics to
store, process and manage all of that data.

"Scaling storage and server
resources horizontally, especially within the media and entertainment market,
requires high density, 10/40 GbE networking technologies,
" said Ed
Chapman, VP of business development, Arista. "The Arista 7050 Series of data center
switches provides a perfect complement to Xyratex's ClustorStor HPC storage
solutions as users have the option of picking either speed, or combinations
thereof depending on their needs. We are pleased to be working with Xyratex on
these cutting-edge solutions.

"As the top-performing HPC scale-out
storage leader with appliance-like ease of use, ClusterStor delivers the
performance and capacity scale needed to satisfy M&E's most intense digital
content processing and rendering demands,
" said Todd Gresham, SVP
sales and marketing, Xyratex. "When
you combine ClusterStor with hundreds or thousands of application servers
supporting 10GbE and 40GbE connections over Arista-enabled high-speed networks,
organizations now are able to regain control of escalating digital content
processing costs and mitigate potential impact to project timelines.

ClusterStor enables several capabilities to solve challenges that M&E users
face today. Its scale-out storage architecture can scale performance and
capacity in direct proportion to the number of servers, from dozens to tens of
thousands, enabling fast, massively parallel rendering and
production with up to 90PB in a single namespace. It delivers a long-term
active archive with nearline instantaneous file retrieval, so users can access
content they need and in a more reliable and accessible way. In addition, its
low-latency, high-throughput video streaming capability can handle the sizable
data workloads users are generating today, and then some.

Arista's network technologies provide users high-density network fabric scale
with flexibility to meet compute and storage cluster deployment requirements.
The Arista 7050 Series is a product line of 1RU 10GbE and 40GbE wire speed
multilayer switches powered by the Arista EOS, an advanced
network OS.

Among other features, the switches

  • Dense virtualization, big data processing and storage in a flat two-tier
    Leaf/Spine design
  • Non-blocking wire speed forwarding at both L2 and L3, up to 1.28 Tbps and 960
    Mpps, Latency: 800ns-1200ns
  • Density: 16 ports of 40GbE (Spine switch), 64 ports of 10GbE (top of rack
  • Low latency: from 800ns to 1,200ns
  • Low power usage, less than two watts per port