Park Place Technologies Supporting EMC VNX

As third-party maintenance
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.05

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Park Place Technologies, Inc.,
a provider of hardware maintenance and OS support services for storage arrays,
servers and network equipment, is offering support for the EMC VNX line of
storage systems.

The first entry in the VNX storage line, which combines the CLARiiON SAN
and Celerra NAS solutions, was released in the first quarter of 2011. The
initial warranty on the VNX systems will expire approximately three years
later, in the beginning of 2014. Companies using VNX solutions may need to
consider purchasing new hardware, investing in a second warranty from EMC or
partnering with a dedicated maintenance and support proviader. Park Place
Technologies is now offering support plans for the VNX devices.

Systems impacted by the completion of the initial warranty and the start of
Park Place Technologies support services include: VNXe3100- VNXe3150 -
VNXe3300- VNX5100- VNX5300 - VNX5500- VNX5700 - VNX7500- VG2 - VG8. IT managers
considering a third-party maintenance plan can rest assured that Park Place
Technologies is well positioned to support the VNX line of systems. The VNX
storage solutions use the VNX-OE OS, which functions at the same revision level
as the FLARE and DART OSs used in the CLARiiON SAN and Celerra NAS solutions.
As a result, the company can offer full support for OSs and device

It also offers support for standalone CLARiiON SAN
solutions and Celerra NAS systems, most of which have reached their
end-of-service-life date, but can still play a useful role in enterprise
storage strategies.

Working with Park Place Technologies gives companies access to some of cost-effective maintenance services available. Park Place
Technologies prides itself on its domestic call center architecture that gives
customers rapid response to their service calls. The company also provides
support for a range of EMC storage solutions, making it an experienced vendor
in the EMC support segment.