New PoINT Software Analyzes Primary Storage

Detecting and migrating inactive data
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.04

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Software & Systems GmbH
has released a software product,
File System Analyzer

This program is intended for enterprise
use and analyzes the part of inactive data which loads the primary
storage unnecessarily. With a tiered storage solution like PoINT
Storage Manager inactive data can be migrated or archived to
secondary storage. Thus primary storage extensions can be avoided.
Simultaneously applications have more performance and backup and
recovery processes can be finished faster.

Primary storage systems have high
acquisition and maintenance costs. For keeping down costs and
avoiding storage extensions only active data should be stored there.

"This is totally different to
the reality
", explains Aindrias T. Wall, manager sales storage products, PoINT. "Often up to 80 % of the primary
storage data are inactive.

IT managers can check the part of
inactive data at their primary storage. For migrating these data to
storage solution the introduction of a tiered storage concept is
advised, which offers different storage systems at three layers. An
automated migration of inactive data can be carried out where data
are moved from the performance to the capacity or archive tier. The
access is still transparent. This policy-based migration of inactive
data to secondary storage leads to a release of the primary storage
and reduces costs up to 60%.

For using this software no installation
is necessary. Different parameters like last access or file type used
for the scanning process are available. These can be changed without
starting a scanning process. The results are shown graphically and
can be exported as HTML report.