California Inventor Paul Duran Assigned Patent

Object-based storage SSD
By Jean-Jacques Maleval on 2013.05.24

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Paul A. Duran, San Diego, CA, has developed a patent (8,402,152) for an "apparatus and system for object-based storage SSD."

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "An object-based storage system comprising a host system capable of executing applications for and with an object-based storage device (OSD). Exemplary configurations include a call interface, a physical layer interface, an object-based storage solid-state device (OSD-SSD), and are further characterized by the presence of a storage processor capable of processing object-based storage device algorithms interleaved with processing of physical storage device management. Embodiments include a storage controller capable of executing recognition, classification and tagging of application files, especially including image, music, and other media. Also disclosed are methods for initializing and configuring an OSD-SSD device."

The patent application was filed on May 28, 2011 (13/118,418).