Czech BackUpLife Offers Unlimited Backup at $120 for 5 Years

Data encrypted on client and on server side with 256-bit key
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.05.24

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BackUpLife, SRO launched an application that
stores all of a user's computer data on the Internet, thus guarding a computer crash that makes data retrieval difficult or


It  is an application that offers unlimited - and secure
-Internet-based storage for $5 a
or less.

Millions of
people practically live on their computers these days, storing valuable and
often irreplaceable data on their HDDs - everything from work-related documents
to personal records to family photos. Most of these people would be devastated
if their computer were to be lost, stolen, or destroyed, and they had no backup
of its contents. To guard against these possibilities, many people do
backup their data to an external HDD, at least occasionally, but this carries
its own set of risks, even if they backup every day. 

"Backing up to an
external HDD definitely has its disadvantages,
" says Martin Sikola,
CEO of BackupLife. "First, you have
to remember to do it. And even if you remember, and you do it regularly, your
external drive can also be stolen, or destroyed, or it can crash.
If that happens, in a matter of  you will have lost all of your photos, videos,
work documents, and other files that bear witness to many beautiful and
important moments in your life. Fortunately BackupLife offers an alternative:
secure Internet based storage that will always give you immediate access to
your data

Sikola adds that another complication plaguing external drive backups is
insufficient space on these drives.

"You know how data is," he says, "it grows quickly but disappears slowly, and drives fill up before you
know it. But that doesn't mean that you have to delete files. With BackupLife
you don't have to worry about exceeding capacity. You can back all file types
of any size. BackupLife has room for your entire life.

addition, the service will backup new and changed files, so users won't lose
something they delete by accident.

"If you accidentally overwrite a file, no
" says Sikola. "You can easily access the version you wanted.

will be welcome among users who are not computer experts.

"You don't have to be afraid that
installation of BackupLife, and access to your data, will be needlessly
complicated, or that you won't know what you're doing,
" says
Sikola. "Installation is a
matter of several clicks, and after that, starting, accessing and using your
account is completely intuitive, so even a beginner can do it. Subsequent
backups are automatic, so you don't have to perform them manually, as you do to
an external drive. BackupLife will make backing up your life as easy as

For those
who still have problems or questions, the company offers online support.

Security is perhaps one of the greatest concerns people have
when considering Internet based storage, and the BackupLife people have that
covered too.

"The application uses the same type of
account access as is common with Internet banking - via a unique code sent via SMS,
" explains Sikola. "Your data is stored in two separate data
Data transmissions are encrypted with a 256-bit
key, and data is encrypted again on the server.

security, ease of use, online support, and unlimited storage, BackupLife
is affordable
," notes Martin Sikola.

A license starts at $3.33 a month.

"We believe BackupLife is the most
inexpensive service of this type on the market,
" Martin Sikola adds. "If you can find a similar service elsewhere
for less, we will reduce our price to match that of the competition.

Both the company's website
and the application have been translated into the 15 most commonly used
languages - and more languages will be added as the company grows.

"No matter where you live," says Sikola. "BackupLife is the
most reliable way to backup your life.

is offering a fifteen-day free trial.