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Reclaime Releases Storage Spaces Recovery Software

Supporting NTFS and ReFS
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.02.28

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The ReclaiMe
data recovery company
released ReclaiMe
Storage Spaces Recovery
software - a tool
that can recover a failed storage spaces configuration.


"A few months ago we started to
develop algorithms to recover a failed Storage Spaces configuration
since we predicted that this capability will become very popular
among users,
" said Elena Pakhomova, senior developer of
ReclaiMe. "Storage Spaces is an absolutely new, well-designed
capability that is available in Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Servers.
With Storage Spaces, you can manage disk space effectively. However,
Storage Spaces fails like all other things. Quite a few clients
contact us asking for a solution to Storage Spaces recovery. And now
we got it.

When developing the software, designers
encountered quite a number of difficulties. One of them is the
computational complexity of the recovery process, manifesting itself
in some severe system requirements.

Storage Spaces Recovery recovers data
when a space or an entire storage spaces pool has failed.

It works with all variations of storage
that can be created in storage spaces. These include mirror,
three-way mirror, parity, and simple spaces; both fixed and thinly
provisioned spaces; formatted to NTFS or ReFS; created with Windows 8
or Windows Server 2012.

"We do our best to keep up with
the times regarding the technology and storage solutions and surely
we're not going to overlook Storage Spaces,
" Pakhomova said.

Storage Spaces Recovery is
available to download.