Start-Up’s Profile: Swedish ByteActive

Software to access cloud storage services with encryption and data reduction
By Jean-Jacques Maleval on 2011.04.22

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ByteActive AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Date founded

Financial funding
Got investment in November 2008 from Innovationsbron and STING och STOAF.

Main executives

  • Lars Jönson, CEO: 15 years with leading sales management positions at Cacheflow, NetApp, Data Domain and Infoblox.
  • Anders Tormod, former CEO and board member: now CEO at PocketMobile Communications AB
  • Tobias Ekbom, CTO and founder: chairman of Enumero Solutions AB, was CTO and co-founder of Quibus International AB

Number of employees

The software, apparently named Qredup, is a bridge to enable enterprises to use cloud services in a efficient and secure manner. It uses de-dupe and compression to minimize the storage usage and encryption to secure the information before its transferred to one or more cloud service providers. The patented solution also optimized life cycle management by automating the use of data classification.

Released date

Planned for second half of 2011


Cloud service pricing model

File data and unstructured information, backup

Target market
Phase 1: service providers
Phase 2: large enterprises with focus on private cloud

Nasuni, Cirtas, Panzura, StorSimple, Iron Mountain, Amazon, etc.

Our Comments

Start-up ByteActive is not in hurry. It was founded in 2006 and its first product is supposed to be released in the second half of this year.

Its idea does not not seem revolutionary as several companies are already offering software to connect to external cloud storage services with data reduction and encryption.

It's better to wait for the final launch to get complete info and have a better opinion.