Thecus iSCSI Thin-Provisioning for NAS

To create up to 5 targets under one volume
This is a Press Release edited by on 2010.08.30

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IT administrators are constantly looking for new ways to allocate storage to optimize overall hardware utilization. For that, Thecus Tech, Corp. has a solution. the advanced iSCSI Thin-Provision feature is currently supported on wide range of Thecus NAS servers, offering business of all scales a flexible yet cost effect storage resource management solution.

The advanced iSCSI Thin-Provision support allows administrators to create up to 5 iSCSI Thin-Provision targets under one iSCSI Thin-Provision volume on Thecus NAS servers. These iSCSI targets will share physical storage space from the iSCSI Thin-provision volume. Administrators can allocate virtual storage space on these iSCSI targets that will only take up physical storage space when they are actually needed.

A notification will be sent to when 90% of the physical iSCSI Thin-Provision volume has been utilized, and the administrator can then decide whether or not to expand the physical storage space.

iSCSI Thin-Provision support prevents administrators from over provisioning physical storage space before it is actually needed, thus reducing capital spending on storage for businesses of all scales.